Turkey’s elections.. “Erdogan” collapses again, and “Davutoğlu” sits on top

Turkey’s elections.. “Erdogan” collapses again, and “Davutoğlu” sits on top
Turkey’s elections.. “Erdogan” collapses again, and “Davutoğlu” sits on top

Kilicdaroglu topped Turkey’s elections, and the media reported that the “Justice and Development” is in the lead, according to preliminary results.

The results of Turkey’s elections resulted in Recep Erdogan’s decline to 49.6% after 93% of the votes were counted, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the outgoing President of Turkey, faces a run-off as the end of vote counting approaches, according to what Anadolu Agency announced, in urgent news.

Türkiye’s elections… a second round between Erdogan and Davutoglu

The latest electoral results also suggest a transition to a second round of settling between Recep Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu, according to Sky News Arabia, in urgent news.

Türkiye elections.. The struggle for the presidential chair continues

In his statements, Davutoğlu confirmed that he is in the forefront, pointing out that the opposition is in the forefront, and opposition leaders said that their preliminary figures show that he is the new president of Turkey.

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The mayor of the Turkish capital, Ankara, Mansour Yavash, said that he is asking the Turks not to rely on the election results reported by the official “Anatolia” news agency, which showed Erdogan’s progress by more than 50 percent, i.e. the required percentage.

And the mayor of Ankara, affiliated with the opposition, announced that Kilicdaroglu topped the electoral race in Turkey’s elections over Recep Erdogan, after counting 23.87% of the votes.

Türkiye’s elections.. The mayor of Istanbul detonates a resounding surprise about the new Turkish president

The mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, blew surprises with a large caliber of fire on the preliminary results in the presidential elections, indicating that according to the numbers we have, Kilicdaroglu is the next president of Turkey.

Türkiye’s elections.. Davutoglu is ahead of Erdogan

The Turkish opposition announced a slight lead for Kilicdaroglu over Recep Erdogan in the presidential elections, according to Sky News Arabia, in urgent news.

Preliminary results in Türkiye’s elections

And the official media in Turkey reported that Recep Erdogan leads the election results after counting a quarter of the votes over his rival, Kilicdaroglu, according to Sky News Arabia.

Türkiye Elections – Erdogan and Oglu

Türkiye’s elections.. conflicting results numbers

The numbers of the preliminary results in the process of counting the votes of the voters in Turkey also indicate a discrepancy in the results numbers received from the official Anadolu Agency and the ANKA Agency affiliated with the opposition.

Türkiye elections 2023

The preliminary results of the Turkish presidential elections were based on a count of 16.99% of the votes, according to what was announced by the “TRT” news channel.

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Preliminary results in Türkiye’s elections

The preliminary results in the Turkish elections resulted in Recep Erdogan receiving 49.84%, compared to 45.72% for Kılıçdaroğlu, after 9.1% of the votes were counted.

Türkiye elections.. Preliminary results

And the preliminary results, with the start of voting in about an hour, came with the lead of Recep Tayyip Erdogan by 59.47%, compared to 34.79% for Kilicdaroglu, after the counting of votes in the Turkish elections began, and with the passage of nearly two hours after the closing of the voting door, and less counting Out of 1% of the vote, Recep Erdogan is 4 points ahead of Kilicdaroglu.

Türkiye elections

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Türkiye’s elections.. Erdogan and Oglu’s statements

The Turkish President and candidate of the “People’s Alliance”, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said in his first statement after the end of the voting, that it is time to cling to the ballot boxes and you must continue to protect the will of our people until the announcement of the final results, and Kilicdaroglu confirmed after the vote: “I offer my sincere love to our citizens who They went to the polls.. Spring will come and continue in this country. I give you all my sincere love. Thank you.”

Türkiye elections.. polling stations closed

The polling stations in Turkey’s elections closed their doors this evening, after a long day of voting that witnessed a large turnout, and the counting of votes began, in elections that are of great importance in the history of the country, and the polls closed in Turkey’s elections at 5 pm local time (3 pm). GMT).