A dark season.. The reasons for the fall of Zamalek in Africa and the loss of hope in the competition for the league

God was with the help of the Zamalek fans, those loyal fans who continue to encourage their team no matter what happens, despite the crises surrounding the team, which brought it to fourth place in the league, which it won for two consecutive seasons, in addition to the early exit from the Champions League, which is what experts attribute. There are several reasons, which we will summarize in the following report.

The story of 3 shocks that struck Zamalek

Zamalek club received 3 shocks during the current season, starting with its exit from the Egyptian Cup semi-finals against Pyramids, although it was the team’s favorite tournament for the last 10 years.

The second shock came, losing the Super Cup by Al-Ahly at the beginning of the season 2-0 in a match that was the clear picture of what the Zamalek season will be like, passing through the withdrawal from the new Super Cup, the participation of Pyramids instead, the referral of club president Mortada Mansour to the prosecution, and the demise of his status as president. For the club, the last shock was the loss from Ismaily, 2-1, except
It’s not the main reason.

Mid-season coach

No one denies the capabilities of coach Juan Carlos Osrio, who replaced Professor Ferreira, especially since he has connections and tours in the world of Latin football, and he has distinguished experiences, whether in the Colombian League or the American League, and his experience is the most famous ever with the Mexican national team.

It seems that Osorio began blaming himself after he agreed to train Al-Abyad in the middle of the season, without realizing the magnitude of the crises surrounding him, and his failure to choose players, in addition to the need to keep Osama Nabih, who knows well the capabilities of the players.

Fishneck deals

Zamalek failed during the current season to conclude a deal that deserves praise, especially since it relied on the opinions of non-specialists, far from the opinion of the Portuguese Ferreira, who was surprised by the deals just like the fans.


The first deal.. And the Zamalek attack line appeared weak and flabby this season, in light of the weakness of the Beninese “Samson Akinola”, whom the Al-Abyad fans expected overwhelming success, similar to his compatriot Razzaq Otomoisi, and he participated during the season in only 309 minutes in 10 matches with Zamalek, and scored a single goal. Just.


The second deal.. Nabil Emad Donga, or Khalifa Tariq Hamed in the middle of the stadium, on whom the fans had high hopes, after strenuous attempts to include him over the course of 3 seasons from Pyramids.
Dunga appeared with a poor performance that did not rise to the level of the league champion, and he only appeared in 11 matches, out of 26 matches.


The third deal.. Zakaria Al-Wardi, the strangest deal for Zamalek ever, as he was contracted, and he only played a few days, to leave quickly after he failed to prove his eligibility to wear the white shirt, despite his brilliance with Moroccan Raja.


Fourth deal.. Omar Jaber, who returned from Pyramids to his old home, to show the worst version of the player, due to catastrophic mistakes, and not affecting the events of the meetings in which he participated.


Fifth deal.. Ibrahima Ndayi, or the ghost as the fans of Zamalek call him, especially since he was brilliant in the Swiss League with Lucerne, but he did not appear with Zamalek, and the same thing was repeated with Sixth deal Ahmed Belhaj, who did not appear with Zamalek.

The bickering of the players and the audience

The performance presented by Zamalek in front of the Proxy team in the Egypt Cup, and after it the Ismaili, disappointed the fans, especially since Proxy is from the second-division teams, and the Ismaili are competing to escape from relegation.


Zamalek narrowly tied with Proxy, before excelling in extra time, despite being a second-class team, and in the Ismaili match, Zamalek’s level angered the Zamalek fans, especially after Mohamed Rouqa, who wore the white team’s captaincy, scored an own goal, to fall. Zamalek is in a dark season and the numbers are not promising.

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