Urgent | Does the economic crisis push the state to stop road and bridge projects?

Urgent | Does the economic crisis push the state to stop road and bridge projects?
Urgent | Does the economic crisis push the state to stop road and bridge projects?

Despite the current financial crisis and demands for austerity, halting investments, and directing them to support the Egyptian pound and reduce public spending, the new general budget bucked this trend, specifying 1.8 trillion Egyptian pounds for new investments in the new fiscal year.

According to the investment plan – of which the “President News” obtained a copy – the field of urban development will be allocated investments amounting to about 273 billion pounds, or 16.5% of the total investments of the plan for the year 2023/2024, of which 119 billion pounds are for water and sanitation projects, and real estate activities 102 One billion pounds, and construction and building works amounted to 51 billion pounds, with a contribution rate of 44%, 37%, and 19% for government companies, the private sector, and public investments, respectively.

The plan specified the funded output of the sector’s activities, which is estimated at EGP 2.15 trillion, compared to EGP 1.77 trillion in the previous year, an increase of 22%.

Roads and bridges

The plan showed that infrastructure projects in Egypt contributed to Egypt’s progress in international competitiveness reports to the 100th position in 2014 to the 52nd position in 2019, and it expects progress to the 50th position in 2024 in light of the state’s keenness to continue developing public utility services.


The projects plan to be established within the urgent plan for public utility projects for the year 2023/2024 includes:

– The implementation of 25 drinking water stations, and the completion of the implementation of 112 other stations.
– Completed 18 wastewater treatment plants and completed the implementation of 168 other treatment plants.
– We are implementing 14 urban sanitation projects and 15 rural sanitation projects, with the completion of the implementation of 87 urban stations and 141 rural stations.
– Establishing and completing the implementation of 21 water and sanitation projects in the communities
Urban area.
– Completion of the implementation of 23 sea water desalination projects.

social housing

In the field of social housing, the plan targets about 60,000 units, completing the construction of 116,000 units, starting the implementation of 130,000 units, transferring and transferring drinking water and sanitation facilities that are inconsistent with road, metro, electric train, monorail and subway projects, and completing the plan to replace mechanical meters with pre-existing ones. Paying government agencies, completing the construction of 530 residential buildings to provide units for low-income families, completing the construction of 17 developmental communities in North Sinai, and nine other communities in South Sinai.

rural development

In the field of integrated rural development, the plan aims, within the framework of the state’s strategic direction towards the development of Egyptian villages, to complete the implementation of the first phase of the “Decent Life” initiative to complete its completion during the year of the plan, as well as to start implementing the second phase of this initiative to expand its geographical scope to cover 1,600 villages.