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Shlomo Sand is a professor of history at Tel Aviv University. He is the author of an important book that is the most famous in his scholarly production, titled Invention of the Jewish People. In this book, Sand (77 years old) refutes a number of the most important historical events that have been promoted over the decades. The most important of them – according to the Israeli professor – is the claim that there is a Jewish people who were expelled from the land of Canaan and destined for them to return again to the Promised Land. The Palestinian Arab in that land in which the Palestinians built an extended history, so the Zionist settlers had to displace these residents by forcible expulsion or mass killing in some cases, as happened in Deir Yassin, uprooting their crops, confiscating their lands, and Judaizing the topographical nature of their country so that it completely eliminates their historical, architectural and agricultural monuments And the availability of spaces promised to immigrants in order to establish the new Zionist state, and thus the Zionist movement succeeded in attracting foreign immigrants who came from different parts of the world as one people with specific ethnic characteristics whose children were dispersed in the country throughout history and then finally returned to their original homeland. The matter reached the point of claiming that the Jews have specific genes that distinguish them from the rest of creation, which Shlomo Sand proves in his book to be untrue, stressing that the claim that there is one Jewish people is a political invention of Zionist thought that is not supported by the established facts of history, although the book was first published in 2008. Its English edition was published in the immediate following year, as it was not translated into Arabic until 2011 and its copies ran out in record time. It may indicate that it was confiscated by purchasing all available copies, and today it is very difficult to obtain a copy of the book in any of the languages, which is what prompted Its author has put it entirely on the Internet, allowing anyone interested to view it.. It is a book that every Arab should read.

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