Who is the late Syrian actor Muhammad Kharmasho?

Who is the late Syrian actor Muhammad Kharmasho?
Who is the late Syrian actor Muhammad Kharmasho?

Yesterday, Sunday, the Syrian actor Muhammad Kharmasho passed away at the age of 71, according to the Syrian Artists Syndicate.

Who is Muhammad Kharmasho?

The late artist Kharmasho was born in the Mazzeh region, Damascus, in Syria, on August 14, 1952. He was appointed to the Syndicate of Acting Professions in 1985, and was famous for dubbing many cartoon and cinematic films.

The late artist was famous for dubbing many cartoon and cinematic films. He also participated in the dubbing of one of the most important and famous Turkish series that was shown in the Arab world, which is the “Nour” series. Through the events of the series, he presented the voice of Grandfather Fikri, who was close to many.

Muhammad Kharmasho also participated in the famous series “Bab Al-Hara” in the events of the series throughout the five parts that were produced, and during the events of the series he presented the character “Abu Hassan”, he appeared in the fourth and fifth parts as a guest of honor, the series Bab Al-Murad directed by Fahd Miri is the last Dramatic work.

The most prominent works of Muhammad Kharmasho

His work in the theater

night visitors

A groom for the Sultan’s daughter

Queen’s visit


Slave revolution

His works on television

A lane forgotten by time – 1988

Hammam al-Qishani series – Part two: 1997 and third: 1998

The Fun – 1997

The Volcano Series – 1998

Al-Khawali series – 2000

Sham Sharif series – 2001

Nizar Qabbani series – 2005

sword edge

Dirt Brothers series

Bab Al-Hara with its five parts

hard steps

Nautical hue

Very kind – attempts

connective packages

Night pedal


Spear and rock

Too late

hard escape

lean years


Nour series as Fikri Bey.

His works in cinema

Woman in the abyss

whims of a woman

The Jewel – 1992

in the carton


Popeye in Popeye

Fred – The Flintstones

Khaddour in Dodi and Khaddour

Gekko in Argay, the noble knight

Felikas in Ben 10

Felikas in Ben 10: The Secret of the Omnitrix

Mojo in the Powerpuff Girls (flower center version)

Hightower at the Police Academy

Blanca in The Defenders

The leader of the droids in Iron Kid

Taz in feisty Taz 2

Hackrush in Jonny Quest

Zook in sapphire protectors

Zorro’s ferocious Angursor

Atrophied in the mystery of the masked

Kazmo – Thunderbolt Sword

Lewis in Fauver

Kevin in Voltron

one thousand

Neurons in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Around the World (Venus center version)

Their shapes are strange


Playful Dragons

Butcher’s double whammy

Daisy Dale in Tiny Toon

Goliath in Batman Part Two (Venture Center Version)

The wonder school bus

Pink Panther

Droopy in Tom and Jerry, Droopy and Dribble, Spike and Tyke

Brainiac in Superman

Crab in Shark Street


Aquaman in the Justice League

Simian captain

Unforgettable stories

Farhan’s story

Excel at risk pioneers

Shere Khan in Simba

The laughers


El Ray in Mucha Lucha (Flower Center Version)


The Artists Syndicate mourns the artist Mohamed Kharmasho

The Artists Syndicate in Syria mourned the distinguished actor, Muhammad Kharmasho, at the age of 71.

And on its Facebook account, the union wrote: “Our deep condolences on the death of our distinguished colleague, artist Muhammad Kharmasho..We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

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