It reached 400 pounds A stark rise in meat prices.. And the Farmers Syndicate reveals the solution before the feast

It reached 400 pounds A stark rise in meat prices.. And the Farmers Syndicate reveals the solution before the feast
It reached 400 pounds A stark rise in meat prices.. And the Farmers Syndicate reveals the solution before the feast

The journalist, Ahmed Musa, blew a surprise about the current meat prices in butcher shops, about a month and a half before the blessed Eid Al-Adha.

Moussa said, during today’s episode of his program “On My Responsibility” broadcast on the “Sada Al-Balad” satellite channel, that the prices of meat rose dramatically and unprecedentedly during the period after the end of Eid Al-Fitr, until the beginning of the Sudanese crisis.

He pointed out that meat prices vary from one region to another, adding that the lowest price ever recorded

250 pounds per kilo, and the highest price reached 400 pounds in some areas.

The journalist asked, “The feast is within, and where will the prices reach?”

Pointing out that the state is looking for new sources to import meat instead of Sudan, which has decreased due to the ongoing war.

Ahmed Musa stated that the concerned authorities are working on a large number of new origins, including Djibouti, Somalia, Chad, and other countries, to import sufficient quantities of meat before the feast.

He said that the Sudanese war led to a delay in the arrival of the required heads of livestock in Egypt, as Egypt was importing about 4 thousand heads from Sudan.

The reasons for the high price of meat

For his part, Hussein Abu Saddam, head of the Peasants Syndicate, explained the reasons for the high prices of meat of all kinds, both local and imported.

“Abu Saddam” monitored these reasons in a phone call to the “Journalji” program broadcast on the “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” satellite channel, as follows:

There is a shortage of meat of up to 40%, which is imported from abroad, and this deficit increased with the Ukrainian-Russian crisis, and the Sudan crisis recently.

The high price of the dollar and the cost of importing live meat from abroad.

– High price of feed.

Natheeb Al-Falahin also revealed the best solution to address the high prices and buy meat at a reasonable price before Eid Al-Adha, in which meat is an essential part of the celebration.

He said that the people’s participation in a cattle or calf is the best solution to face the high prices of meat before the feast.

He explained that the price of meat in butcher shops is in addition to the price of transportation, profit, shop rent and taxes.

He commented: “But when the parents buy all these things, they graduate, and the price is lower.”

As for his opinion on boycotting meat as a measure to confront the high prices and hoping for a decrease again, Hussein Abu Saddam said that the boycott “will calm the price temporarily, but it is not a radical solution.”

He explained that the solution lies in re-studying the livestock system as a whole, and encouraging breeders to increase investment in the animal field.

In addition to tightening control over butchers and restaurants, in addition to that, the citizen should play his role in rationalizing his consumption as much as possible in goods and products whose prices are rising.

Meat prices today

Today, a kilo of baladi kandouz and veal in butcher shops has risen to between 300 and 320 pounds.

Red minced rose to 300 pounds per kilo, and fat minced to 260 pounds.

While the prices of imported meat recorded between 230 pounds per kilo of fresh, and 220 pounds per kilo of frozen.

As for the average price of lamb, it has reached about 320 pounds per kilo today.