DP World will handle 22,000 ships in 2022

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The number of ships handled by “DP World – DB World” increased by 15 percent in Dubai during 2022.

The number of ships touched 22,000 ships, compared to 2021, in which it dealt with 19,123 ships, according to recent data issued by the group, according to a press release.

The number of containers delivered through the various ports in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Al Hamriya, and Rashid, grew by 1.7% to more than 14 million containers.

It includes unloaded and charged containers and additional transport containers on board ships that may occur during normal operations, compared to 2021, which amounted to 13.77 million containers.

Total bulk shipments measured in metric tons increased to more than 6.36 million metric tons, compared to 5.58 million metric tons in 2021, a growth of 14%.

Total bulk cargo increased by 9.2% to 2.53 million metric tons, compared to 2.76 million metric tons in 2021.

The number of vehicles delivered at the various ports of the emirate reached 796.5 thousand vehicles, compared to 606.4 vehicles in 2021, with a strong growth of 31 percent.

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