Qatar.. Adopting artificial intelligence on the “Kawadir” platform to support job seekers

Doha – Mubasher: The Bureau of Civil Service and Government Development in the State of Qatar announced today, Sunday, the introduction of a set of improvements to the “Kawader” recruitment platform, with the aim of enhancing the recruitment process and facilitating it for job seekers.

In a statement, the Bureau indicated that the improvements include a new interface with multiple features, a new scope for the website, and the adoption of artificial intelligence in the chatbot by linking the Sharek platform with the Kawader platform.

He said that the improvements came based on the suggestions of the platform users who are job seekers, as they are the main target group, with the aim of facilitating the experience of using the platform and making it smoother.

The new interface of the Kawader platform meets the needs of job seekers, especially as it was developed according to their observations. Last month, the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau held pilot workshops to launch the new interface with the participation of a group of job seekers.

He pointed out that within the framework of linking the “Sharek” platform, which operates with artificial intelligence technology, to the new national employment platform “Kawader”, the job seeker can use the automated chat technology to inquire about the status of submitted applications or submit suggestions and observations.

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