Asma Abu Al-Yazid announces her engagement (photos)

The artist, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid, celebrated her engagement, announcing the news on her personal page, the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid publication

On her personal page, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid published a set of photos that she collected with her fiancé, to receive congratulations from many artists, including Akram Hosni, Carmen Suleiman, Rania Youssef, Mayan Al-Sayed, Tara Emad, Basant Shawky and others.

The movie “Public Call”

It is noteworthy that Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid recently showed her the movie “The Public Call” in cinemas, and its events revolve in a comic framework about a young man, who is the character embodied by the artist Muhammad Abdel Rahman, who quarrels with his mother, who is the artist Sawsan Badr, and his life turns upside down because of her.

And co-starring the film are Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Sawsan Badr, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid, Ahmed Al-Fishawy, and it was written by Ahmed Abdel-Wahhab, and Karim Sami Kims, and it was directed by Wael Farag.

Repentance series

On the other hand, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid participated in the Ramadan race 2022, in the series “Repentance”, starring Amr Saad, Saba Mubarak, Majid Al-Masry and other elite stars, and written by the “Kings” workshop and directed by Ahmed Saleh.

The events of the repentance series

The events of the series take place in a popular area in Port Said Governorate, where Ahmed Abdel Tawab lives, “Repentance”, in the middle of a popular neighborhood that he sought refuge in 7 years ago, after he bid farewell to his past full of crimes, but his past will return to him and haunt him again, and the new life in which he chose to live will disturb him.

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