The right way to use spices and seasonings.. Cardamom is not for all foods

The right way to use spices and seasonings.. Cardamom is not for all foods
The right way to use spices and seasonings.. Cardamom is not for all foods

Written by: Sama Saeed

Monday, May 15, 2023 04:00 AM

Spices are one of the most important ingredients that are not missing in any kitchen in the world, because they add different flavors to food, in addition to their health benefits that benefit the body, and despite the kitchen drawers being filled with many types of spices and seasonings that are used in all foods, only Each type has a distinctive flavor for each food, and it is not possible to imagine that food without it, and the seventh day reviews some of the spices and their distinctive uses, according to the site “foodandwine“.

Black pepper

Although there is no house without the presence of black pepper in its various forms, whether ground or grain, and its use in all kinds of food, it is not possible to make a dish of eggs unless it is present during cooking or even after cooking by spraying it on the face, in order to get rid of the smell of eggs. which is considered offensive by some.

Black pepper


Cumin is one of the basic spices that everyone uses in many dishes, but it may be indispensable in dishes whose main ingredients contain vegetables, such as stuffing, taameya, omelette, taro, and cauliflower.

dry coriander

There are two types of coriander that can be used in its dry form, whether intact or ground, as it is a kind of spice that cannot be dispensed with in any kind of dish, especially in the preparation of which garlic is used, because it highlights its flavor, and gives food a distinctive aroma and flavor, and among these dishes Which requires this duo to taste molokhia and okra, and season it with fish and crustaceans.


Although many do not prefer to eat it, it has a distinctive flavor and taste for any soup that is served, whether with meat, chicken or cream. There are two ways to use cardamom, ground or ground. It is preferable to put it in seasoning foods until it absorbs the distinctive flavor, and then add more. During cooking, to give off the distinctive aroma with the pleasant flavour.

red pepper “paprika”

Some believe that paprika is used only in foods that should be distinguished by their red color, such as vegetables cooked in sauce. However, it is considered one of the spices distinguished by its sweet smoky taste, which can be added to grilled meats such as chicken or grilled meat pieces such as kebabs, shish kebabs, or feathers.