“3 points for City or 20 goals for Arsenal.” How is the Premier League title decided?

“3 points for City or 20 goals for Arsenal.” How is the Premier League title decided?
“3 points for City or 20 goals for Arsenal.” How is the Premier League title decided?

Mohammed Jalal

Sunday, May 14, 2023

09:25 PM

Arsenal received a new defeat today, Sunday, against Brighton, 3-0, in the match that was held at the Etihad Stadium, in the 36th round of the English Premier League.

This result serves Manchester City, the Premier League leaders with 85 points, while Arsenal is in second place with 81 points.

While Arsenal suffered a home defeat against Brighton, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City men beat Everton 3-0 away.

Michael Arteta continued the series of bleeding points, after he was in second place with 81 points, he collected them after he played 36 matches, while Manchester City collected 85 points from 35 rounds.

Accounts of Arsenal winning the league

Arsenal have only two matches left in the English Premier League, as they will play Nottingham on Saturday, May 20, away from home, in the 37th round.

Then, it will host Wolverhampton at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday, May 28, in the 38th and final round of the English Premier League.

– Despite the defeats and bleeding points suffered by the Arsenal team, it may crown the English Premier League championship, in the event that the Manchester City team falters in its remaining three matches in the local competition.

In addition to Arsenal winning the two matches at the time, it will collect 87 points, separate from Manchester City by two points, and crown the title absent from its championship wheel.

Equal points with Manchester City, Arsenal may be awarded the English Premier League title because the goal difference will be resorted to, and it is in favor of Manchester City, and here it is required that the Janars score “20 goals” in the two matches against Nottingham and Wolverhampton.

Until he surpasses Manchester City in the number of goals and is officially crowned the title.

Cases of City winning the title

Manchester City winning one of the remaining three matches will officially crown the title.

Manchester City has a postponed match against Brighton, which will take place on Wednesday, May 24.

– In the event that Arsenal falters by defeat in any of the remaining two matches, he will officially lose the title and be crowned by Manchester City.

Because the maximum number of points he will reach is 84 points, one point behind City, who are currently leading the championship.

– In the event that Arsenal tied in the next round against Nottingham, it will reach the 82nd point, and Manchester City will also reach the 86th point and will officially crown the title.

exceptional case

And there will be an exceptional case for postponing the decision of the English Premier League champion, when City plays in the next round with Chelsea and receives a defeat, and at the same time Arsenal draws with Nottingham.

At that time, Arsenal will have 82 points, while Manchester City will be in first place with 85 points.

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