22 people were killed in sudden floods in Somalia … Morocco

22 people were killed in sudden floods in Somalia … Morocco
22 people were killed in sudden floods in Somalia … Morocco

Arab News Press B – Kish 24 Watch the death of 22 people due to flash floods in Somalia and now watch the details.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced on Sunday that flash floods in central Somalia have killed 22 people and affected more than 450,000, after the Shabelle River overflowed, forcing tens of thousands to leave their homes.

Heavy rains earlier in the week caused water to flood homes in the town of Beledweyne in the Hiran region, submerging roads and buildings as residents carried their properties through the streets in search of shelter.

OCHA said, “Initial estimates indicate that sudden and river floods across Somalia have affected at least 460,470 people, about 219,000 of whom have been displaced from their homes in flood-prone areas, and 22 have died.”

He added in a report that the floods “left a trail of destruction… flooded homes and agricultural lands, swept away livestock, temporarily closed schools and health facilities, and damaged roads.”

The disaster comes on the heels of a record drought that has brought millions of Somalis to the brink of starvation, as the weak country has battled the decades-old al-Shabaab insurgency.

Residents told AFP earlier that floods have become a familiar ordeal for many of them, and experts confirm that extreme weather events are occurring with increasing frequency and intensity due to climate change.

Fertun Ali (a pseudonym) said that it is the fifth time that she has been displaced from Beledweyne due to the floods.

“When the river overflows its banks, we flee,” added the 35-year-old mother of eight.

East and Central Africa frequently experiences bad weather during the rainy seasons.

Earlier this month, 135 people died and more than 9,000 were displaced after heavy rains in Rwanda triggered floods and landslides in several parts of the mountainous country.

More than 400 people died due to torrential rains, floods and landslides last week in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Watching the deaths of 22 people due to flash floods in Somalia

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