He was injured by the explosion of the colon, the suffering of the child Ammar due to medical negligence in the lake (video)

The four-and-a-half-year-old Ammar Muhammad Jumaa in Buhaira suffers from an explosion in his intestines and colon, which came as a result of medical negligence he had been exposed to since birth.

The father of the child confirmed that since he was two weeks old, some health problems occurred to him, which led to his inability to complete the swallowing process as a result of a blockage in the intestine, and the father went to the hospital to try to save his son before it was too late.

When he went to the hospital, the case was neglected, and there was no immediate assistance and assistance. Which exacerbated the bad condition of the condition, and this led to the explosion of the colon until the child’s stomach swelled greatly, and he suffers from that day until now.

The child lives without an intestine

The father of the injured child tried to perform several operations, but they failed six times in a row, and he could no longer afford them again, as he was fed up with the situation because of the failure to respond to him from the officials or help in treatment, until his son became living without an intestine and tried to install a colon. External but it got worse.

Need Sabreen, difficult living conditions

On the other hand, Um Sabreen, 64, who lives alone, suffers from hardship due to the difficult living conditions that have accompanied her for many years. She lives in a village in Abu Homs, Buhaira Governorate, in a simple house, consisting of one room, without a roof or a bathroom. or any facilities.
She worked all her life as a daily laborer in the agricultural lands, collecting crops, but the daily food, drink, and treatment were not sufficient, and the matter got worse when her husband divorced her 15 years ago.

She used to work as a saleswoman in the village stores

Her only daughter, Sabreen, was the only breadwinner for her, as she used to work as a saleswoman in the village shops so that she could form herself and buy her device.

This simple family, which is the mother and her only daughter, who has become without a breadwinner, suffers from severe distress, as she owns a simple room in a village, which they built with the efforts of neighbors and donors, but without a roof, which affected them greatly, especially in the presence of those heavy rains that flooded what They have.

Um Sabreen confirmed that she is putting some pots to mitigate the impact of the water, but the matter is out of her control, as the straw piles can no longer cope with the heavy winter rains.

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