Schools turn “break” time into remedial classes

Private schools in the Northern Emirates decided to combat the phenomenon of private lessons, by converting the rest time between classes into remedial classes for students in each academic stage, less than a month before the start of the end-of-year exams.

The schools stated that the classes will be optional and free for students in all curricula, to avoid their families incurring sums of money in exchange for private classes.

On the other hand, the students’ families stated that the schools’ initiative contributed to motivating their children to enroll in remedial classes and turn out for them, because it compensates them for the private lessons that were necessary before the beginning of the end-of-year exams, especially in the subjects that their children find difficult in, or that witnessed a decline in their grades. grades over the past period.

In detail, officials in private schools told Emirates Today, who preferred not to be named, that they had monitored students in schools looking for teachers who would accept private lessons for them before exams at the end of the school year, which the teachers refused, and some of them made a proposal to offer lessons at break time. Between classes for students who wish to do so.

They added that, based on this, the schools decided to convert the 45-minute rest time into free remedial classes for all students at each stage of study, so that the student registers his name with the department official, and selects the subject he wishes to review with the teacher, so that after that a A schedule of remedial classes in coordination with the teachers.

They explained that the classes will be dedicated to answering students’ questions in each subject, by teachers, in addition to explaining the skills of answering questions that measure students’ skills from outside the curricula, and the mechanism for reading and understanding exam questions and answering them within the specified time, so that the student does not get distracted and lost. His time reading and understanding questions and answering them incorrectly.

They pointed out that the remedial classes will continue until the beginning of the exams at the end of the current academic year, and the focus will be on weak-level students who obtained low grades during the second semester, in order to raise their level so that they can improve their performance in exams and obtain excellent grades.

On the other hand, the students’ families, Suhaib Raad, Hani Shukri, Yasmine Alawi, and Laila Mohsen, stated that schools convert the rest time between classes into remedial lessons, which would contribute to reducing private lessons, especially as they spread weeks before the end-of-year exams. .

They pointed out that they resort to private lessons to raise the level of their children in difficult academic subjects, stressing that they incur financial losses for this, especially since some teachers take advantage of students’ need for private lessons before exams and raise their fees many times over.

They added that remedial classes would be a substitute for private lessons, and that they contacted the heads of departments in private schools to enroll their children in them, especially in scientific subjects and the Arabic language, indicating that the student receiving information and reviewing it with his teacher is better than reviewing it with a teacher from outside the school, where he gives That student is confident in understanding the question, which contributes to increasing the student’s self-confidence, and raises his level in exams.

Classes will be optional and free for students in all curricula.

To benefit from the tutoring sessions, the student must register his name and specify the subject he wishes to review with the teacher.

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