Referral of the accused of killing the child, Malik, the taekwondo champion, in Shubra Al-Kheima, to the Criminal Court – Accidents

The investigation authorities ordered the transfer of the accused of killing the 10-year-old child, Malek Mohamed Sayed, a taekwondo champion at the level of the Republic, with a birdshot, during a wedding party in the Al-Rawda area in Shubra Al-Khaimah, to the Shubra Al-Khaimah Criminal Court, and set a session for next Tuesday for his trial, while he continues to be imprisoned.

The events of the incident of the child Malik

The details of the incident go back to the beginning of last January, when the child, Malik Muhammad, a taekwondo champion, was killed when he was standing on the “balcony” of his residential apartment. The newlyweds were shot randomly in celebration of the wedding. The bullet hit the 10-year-old child Malik, after which the joy, ululation and dancing turned into sadness and a funeral for everyone.

70 days in the hospital spent by the taekwondo champion

The child owner was detained for 70 days in a hospital, hoping that he would recover from the injury he suffered and caused him to bleed in the brain, until he breathed his last inside it. The security services were able to arrest the accused who caused the accident, and a report of the incident was issued. incident and unloading of surveillance cameras; To find out the circumstances of the incident.

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