The death of a Lebanese under mysterious circumstances in UAE prisons…and a newspaper accuses…

The death of a Lebanese under mysterious circumstances in UAE prisons…and a newspaper accuses…
The death of a Lebanese under mysterious circumstances in UAE prisons…and a newspaper accuses…

The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, attacked the UAE over the death of the Lebanese detainee, Ghazi Ezz El-Din, in Abu Dhabi prisons, hinting that he died under torture.

The newspaper pointed out that the Ezz El-Din family received a call from the Security Investigation Center in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday night, according to which they asked his son to come to a site in Dubai to identify the body.

His brother was quoted as saying; The Emirati security forces did not allow his son to see any part of his father’s body, except for his face, to make sure that it was him.

And she added: “These procedures, and the rapid burial of the body at ten o’clock at night, and his refusal to examine it, or to return it to his relatives in Lebanon, suggest the hypothesis that he was subjected to torture that led to his death.

She said that the victim’s two brothers, Abbas and Bassam, were released, and it is reported that they are under house arrest, and they were previously arrested with him, after the National Security Agency of the Emirate of Dubai raided their homes and took them for investigation under the pretext of suspicion of their involvement in a security act.

She indicated that the siblings work in an office to clear transactions, and none of them has a criminal record in the Emirates, where they have resided with their families for 30 years.

The families of the detainees did not know any news about them except that they were transferred to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to complete the investigation with them, and the families were forced to remain silent, because of the intimidation they were subjected to throughout the last period, and the veiled threat that informing the media or spreading the news might endanger the detainees.

Shawqi Ezz El-Din said; Yesterday, the victim’s family contacted Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to demand his intervention with the UAE authorities to recover the body, and he “requested some time to make the necessary contacts.”

Al-Akhbar newspaper said; There is nothing that “stops the rulers of the UAE from proceeding with the crime of arresting residents of their land, detaining them, deporting them, or killing them for no reason,” adding: “The rulers of the cities of salt carry out their crimes day and night without deterrence, relying on the fact that Lebanon has no state or A government that cares about the lives of the hostages among its citizens, and an absolute silence in Beirut, where there is no official position or condemnation from a human rights organization, local or international, from the many that have grown like mushrooms in recent years, and there is no statement from an Arab or Western government, demanding a handful of pirates Stop their bloody frenzy party.

And she added: “What increases the reassurance of the rulers of the Emirates is their completion, within a few years, of the process of purchasing broadcasting and publishing rights from the overwhelming majority of the Lebanese written, audio-visual and electronic media, and their certainty that there are no political parties, security agencies and official institutions in Lebanon that will rise to defend them in the face of any Attack, criticism or accountability.”

And she continued, “Above all that, the rulers of the Emirates act on the basis that there are no forces or parties in Lebanon, today, capable of exercising an act of revenge against their interests in response to these crimes, which made them cross all borders. They are not content with kidnapping Lebanese who have been working in their country for decades.” They are held in secret, inaccessible prisons, and they close the doors in the face of political or legal reviews under the pretext of national security.

she said; The killing of “Ghazi Ezz El-Din” is a described crime, at the hands of Emirati security men, under torture to extract confessions about which nothing is known. “.