Gulf News | Calm in Gaza and the occupation forces storm Nablus in the West Bank

Gulf News | Calm in Gaza and the occupation forces storm Nablus in the West Bank
Gulf News | Calm in Gaza and the occupation forces storm Nablus in the West Bank

Calm prevailed yesterday in the Gaza Strip after reaching the truce agreement with Israel, but only in the West Bank The occupied Israeli special forces stormed the city of Nablus and arrested two Palestinians.

In detail, the cease-fire agreement between the Palestinian factions and Israel entered into force, with Egyptian mediation, as of Saturday 10:00 pm local time.

According to Egyptian sources, this understanding guarantees an end to the targeting of civilians and the demolition of homes.

A source in the Islamic Jihad movement revealed that the amended version of the agreement was positive and met the conditions.

The Israeli aggression resulted in the death of 33 Palestinians. Among the martyrs were six military commanders from Islamic Jihad and fighters from the movement and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine .

The Interior Ministry in Gaza accused Israel of focusing its strikes on “civilian targets and residential buildings”. ‬

Tariq Selmi, spokesman for Islamic Jihad, warned Israel against “any stupid act or assassination of resistance leaders The Palestinian Authority,” while Muhammad al-Hindi, head of the political department in the same movement, said in a phone call from Cairo said that the agreement includes a commitment from Israel to “stop targeting mujahideen.” ‬

Israel praised Cairo’s efforts to broker a truce with Gaza, and said calm would be met with calm.

The United States welcomed the declaration of a cease-fire between the Palestinian factions and Israel and in Gaza. The White House appreciated the Egyptian mediation efforts, with all parties, to stop the 5-day escalation.

In Nablus and the Old City in the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces withdrew from the city after arresting “two wanted men.” Leaving a number of people injured by live bullets and gas suffocation, according to our correspondent and the Israeli channel. 12.

Sky News Arabia correspondent said that the Israeli army stormed the city of Nablus and its camp, and sent large reinforcements to the town Old city from all axes of Nablus, amid violent clashes with Palestinian gunmen.

After the Israeli forces withdrew, the Israeli army issued a statement saying, “Iyad Al-Takrouri and Musab Mazhar, The two detainees in Nablus are members of the cell that carried out the Hawara operation a month and a half ago, which resulted in an injury 3 Israeli soldiers and they belong to the Popular Front.”

On Saturday, an Israeli force stormed the Balata refugee camp near Nablus, killing two Palestinians and wounding three others.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said, in a statement: “The young man Saed Jihad Shaker Mashah (32 years old) was martyred. And the young Adnan Wasim Yousef Al-Araj (19 years old) was shot in the head with live bullets during the occupation’s aggression against a camp Balata in Nablus, in addition to 3 stable injuries to the neck, abdomen and thigh.