Laughing gas addiction puts a girl in trouble

A teenage girl became addicted to sniffing party laughing gas, leaving her unable to move while doctors told her she might never walk again after consuming two liters of the substance every day.

According to the Daily Mail, 19-year-old Molly Day can no longer eat, shower or walk without assistance due to her addiction to laughing gas canisters, of which she used to drink two liters a day.

The teenager, from Perth, Australia, has since spoken out about her escalating addiction after being admitted to hospital, claiming she is a ‘binge addict’ and unable to stop using the packs, known as ‘nang’.

Her addiction began shortly after she graduated from high school, and since then, Molly has been left battling “killer” drugs, as her mother found 30 three-liter cans in her room.

Speaking of her addiction, Molly explained that she “can’t control anything” and that before her addiction she was “healthy.”

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Molly said: ‘I got hooked so fast, I couldn’t stop. Once I finish one, I just want more and more.

“Two weeks ago I was a healthy walking girl, and now I can’t do anything for myself.” I can’t walk, I can’t control anything. It’s very deadly.’

And her mother, Nikki Day, said more restrictions should be implemented on cans of naang, even after the government announced new laws to restrict the sale of cans of nitrous oxide.

Nikki, who found 30 three-liter cans in her daughter’s room before she was admitted to hospital, said the situation was “unacceptable” and the government should “open their eyes”.