High gluten.. Poultry feed prices today, Friday 12-5-2023

High gluten.. Poultry feed prices today, Friday 12-5-2023
High gluten.. Poultry feed prices today, Friday 12-5-2023

The prices of poultry feed and raw materials fluctuated today, Friday 12-5-2023, and a ton of apostate decreased by 100 pounds per ton, and the prices of poultry feed ranged between 25,700 and 26,700 pounds, and cattle feed 18,500 pounds per ton, and duck and egg poultry feed 25,000 pounds per ton, according to a number of merchants.

Traders explained that the price of Brazilian and Argentinian imported yellow corn – which is the raw material for fodder – recorded 16,700 pounds, without counting the cost of internal transportation, which amounts to 100 pounds per ton.

Poultry feed prices

Traders revealed that the price of Ukrainian, American, Bulgarian, Serbian and Romanian corn is 14,700 pounds, and Argentine cornflak is 17,400 pounds, without counting internal transportation as well, and the profit of the retailer.

Traders noted that the price of a ton of soybean meal “44% protein” is 38,000 pounds for local types, and 46% protein is 39,000 pounds for the local and imported. A ton of wheat flour, 36% protein, is about 28 thousand, the local gluten is 15,200, and the apostasy is 11,900 instead of 12,000 pounds per ton.

Traders revealed that the price of a ton of imported gluten, 60% protein, was recorded at 52,500 instead of 50,000 pounds for the importer, 49,700 pounds for local varieties, local apostasy 12,000 pounds at most, cotton seed extract at 17 thousand pounds, and local servants earning 16 thousand pounds.

Feed prices today

Traders confirmed that the price of a ton of imported soybeans is 42,500 pounds per ton, domestic 34,000 pounds, soy husk 13,500 pounds, soy fraction 20,000 pounds per ton with 20% protein, local yellow corn 16,700 pounds, and local white corn 16,800.

Traders revealed that the return of fodder raw materials such as soybean, corn and wheat flour to decline during the last period due to the increase in the release rates of raw materials in the market.

These prices had witnessed successive increases recently in the local markets in light of the fluctuation of feed prices in the global stock exchanges, despite the arrival of quantities from the global markets during the last period, the rise and increase in releases, and the increase in the exchange rate of the dollar.

Traders hinted that there is a continuation of the scarcity of imported soy seeds in the market, while the imported varieties recorded at least 41,500 pounds per ton.

Feed prices in the market

For his part, Abdel Aziz Al-Sayed, head of the Poultry Wealth Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, revealed that the price of a ton of fodder ranges between 26,500 and 27,500 pounds in light of the increase in the dollar exchange rate, the global price, and inflation. The price of a ton of fodder decreased by 400 pounds during the current week.

Al-Sayyed pointed to the decline in maize prices after it was put on the commodity exchange and the improvement in the pace of releases during the past days. The price of a ton of special varieties differs according to quality, protein percentage, and calculating the cost of freight or not.

Al-Sayed mentioned that the past hours witnessed a decrease in the price of final feed for various types of diets for cattle, ducks, sheep, and others.