A trip to lure an employee and kill him with a gunshot in Shubra.. Financial disputes behind the crime – Incidents

10 months have passed since a heinous murder in which an employee was killed by 3 people, with a gunshot wound due to previous disputes between them in a street in the Shubra Al-Khaima area, until they were referred to the Shubra Al-Khaima Criminal Court to be tried for the crime they committed, and the Court of Appeal set Wednesday’s session as the first session. The trial of the accused.

They deliberately killed the victim with premeditation

The referral order obtained by Al-Watan included accusing each of “Mahmoud A” at the age of 24 (imprisoned), “Mahmoud M” (a fugitive), and “Abdullah A” (a fugitive), that they killed the victim, “Adel Khaled.” »Deliberately employed with premeditation that they had the intention and resolved to do so, and for that purpose they prepared a firearm and fired a cartridge, following previous disputes between the first accused and the deceased victim, and they monitored him in a place where they were sure in advance that he was there, and once they got him, the second accused lured him to the place of their victim The first defendant met him and fired a bullet at him, and they made that place a field for his execution, so he fell to the ground soaked in his blood, and they left him nothing but a lifeless body until we were sure that he had passed away, intending to take his life, causing his injury, which is shown in the anatomical report attached to the papers, which claimed his life when the second and third suspects were present. At the crime scene to tighten the first button.

a previous quarrel between them

According to the investigations supervised by the department’s investigation officers in Case No. 16533, misdemeanor of the first Shubra al-Khaimah, and registered under No. 4199 of 2022 in the south of Benha, the first accused assaulted the victim, following a previous dispute between them, accompanied by the second and third accused who fled to restrain him and prepared for that purpose. A firearm unleashed a cartridge, and they waited for the victim in his places of frequency and presence, and when they saw him, the second rolled off the motorbike on foot towards the victim, asking him to speak to the first accused, so he obeyed his order and headed with his company. Which claimed his life, intending to kill him, and they made sure that he died, and after that they fled from the scene of the incident, and he was able to seize the first accused who guided him about the firearm, which he admitted to using in committing the incident.

Abdominal gunshot wound

And it was established from the forensic medicine report that by conducting the anatomical characterization of the body of the victim, Adel Khaled, it was found that the gunshot wound to the abdomen and the resulting injuries to the intestines and mesentery, and what multiplied that from the occurrence of heavy traumatic bleeding that led to a sharp drop in blood circulation and led to death, and death is permissible to occur like a perception Contained in the Public Prosecution’s memorandum, and by examining the firearm “a single cartridge”, it was found to be safe and fit for use, and by interrogation of the accused in the Public Prosecution’s investigations, he admitted that he had committed the quarrel incident, following a previous disagreement between them.