Details of the picnic accident.. My angel’s car ran over a girl in front of pedestrians – Accidents

Details of the picnic accident.. My angel’s car ran over a girl in front of pedestrians – Accidents
Details of the picnic accident.. My angel’s car ran over a girl in front of pedestrians – Accidents

Al-Nuzha Street, one of the main streets in Cairo, witnessed a tragic accident, as a girl was killed with scattered injuries and bruises on her body, after she was hit by a speeding car while crossing the road in the Al-Nuzha area, and she was transferred to the hospital due to the seriousness of her condition, but she died as a result of her injury.

The car was speeding

The details of the incident began when the Operations Room of the General Administration of Cairo Traffic received a report from the designated services in Al-Nuzha, stating that a traffic accident had occurred and a speeding car collided with a 16-year-old girl named “Amal” while she was crossing the road. The movement of cars, and the transfer of the injured person to the General Hospital for first aid. The necessary report was issued regarding the incident. The prosecution was presented for investigation. The security services seized the car and its driver, and took him to the Al-Nuzha Police Station.

The driver of the car was going at a crazy speed

Rasha A, one of her friends, who was with her during the accident, said that the accident took place at exactly ten o’clock on Tuesday morning when her friend Amal was crossing the road, when she was surprised by a car driving at a crazy speed in the street, which led to a collision with her and throwing her about 20 meters, in the car. A terrifying scene caused her to fall into a coma, and when she was transferred to the hospital, the medical staff reported that she was suffering from a lung infection, with brain bruises and abdominal bleeding that led to her death.

manslaughter penalty

Regarding the expected punishment for the driver, lawyer Ahmed Hassan, a legal expert, said in statements to Al-Watan that Article 238 of the Penal Code states: “Whoever causes the death of a person by mistake as a result of his negligence, recklessness, lack of precaution, or lack of observance of laws, decisions, and regulations. And the regulations shall be punished with imprisonment for a period of no less than six months and a fine not exceeding two hundred pounds, or with one of these two penalties.

He added that the punishment is imprisonment for a period of not less than a year and not more than 5 years and a fine of not less than one hundred and not more than 500 pounds, or one of the two penalties if the crime occurred as a result of the offender’s breach of what is imposed on him by the assets of his job, profession or craft, or if he was an intoxicant or Drugged when he committed the mistake that resulted in the accident, or he refused at the time of the accident to help the victim of the crime or to seek help for him even though he was able to do so.

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