Who is Ahmed Al-Ghandour Al-Dahih’s wife?

Who is Ahmed Al-Ghandour Al-Dahih’s wife?
Who is Ahmed Al-Ghandour Al-Dahih’s wife?

Who is Ahmed Al-Ghandour Al-Dahih’s wife? Communication sites and search engines caught fire after the wedding ceremony, pictures of Ahmed Al-Ghandour’s wedding, and the video of the ceremony was circulated, and the search began for who was Al-Duha who was able to win Ahmed Al-Ghandour’s heart, especially since the wedding was secret.

Al-Dhahih held his wedding ceremony to the girl of dreams yesterday, Thursday, May 11, 2023, and many followers of Al-Dhahiah program shared footage and video clips from Al-Dhahiah’s wedding, which surprised everyone by her marriage outside the center.

The search began for the identity of the victim’s wife and her biography, and is she a celebrity on social media, as Ahmed Al-Ghandour is one of the most famous content creators in Egypt, and he became famous after the victim’s program was presented on his YouTube channel.

Pictures of Ahmed Al-Ghandour and his wife were published, without information about his wife being outside the center, and no information about her was published.

As for Ahmed Al-Ghandour’s wife, her identity or name has not been officially revealed, and although many photos have circulated on social media of Ahmed Al-Ghandour, accompanied by a young girl at the wedding, her identity has not been officially confirmed.

In Ahmed Al-Ghandour Al-Dahhi’s wedding video, he was waving his wife to those present at the ceremony, and Al-Dhahi did not release much information to the public about his wife or his personal life, and preferred to preserve it. Privacy away from public concerns.

A number of followers commented on the video clip and photos with a famous sentence that Al-Dahi said in his episodes, which is: Do not forget to look at the sources, dear.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Al-Ghandour is a famous media and artistic figure in Egypt and the Arab world, and he has succeeded in attracting a large audience thanks to the content he presents and his method of simplifying the sciences, as he is a biology student. in the College of Science at the American University in Cairo.

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