Prices update… How much is the price of a ton of barley rice today, Wednesday 5/17/2023? and the price of rice to the consumer

Price of a ton of rice today

The price of a ton of barley rice today, the search has increased in the past period for the price of barley rice in the markets, as the prices are witnessing a significant increase in the current period, which prompted people to search for the price on a daily basis. Barley rice is the rice that people trade in the markets, but before To go to the rice mills that whiten the rice using chemicals, where the supplier buys barley rice from the farmers and supplies it to the mills in order to whiten the rice before it is sold to the citizens. Know the rice prices today in Egypt.

Price of a ton of rice today

Prices of barley and white rice, waste, cotton, beans, corn, wheat and barley. The price of rice today is the price of white rice

Today, the price of a ton of rice and barley witnessed stability in prices, as prices in Egypt were greatly affected by the global price, due to the economic crisis that the world is currently witnessing, as you can get daily prices that differ from one place to another about the price of rice, and some had accused farmers of feeding rice to Livestock instead of fodder due to the high cost of fodder, but the Farmers Syndicate confirmed that there is no truth to what is being reported about feeding rice to livestock, pointing out that the price of rice is much more expensive than the price of fodder, and the price of barley rice in Egypt today, Wednesday 17/5/2023, is as follows:

  • The price of broad-grain barley rice is 19,500 pounds.
  • The price of fine grain rice is 19,200 pounds.

The price of rice today for the consumer

Recently, a large number of people are looking for the price of rice today for the consumer, as with the rise or fall in the price of barley rice, the price of the consumer’s rice changes, while the price of broad-grain rice today ranges from 3% to about 28.100 pounds per ton, and the price of fine-grain rice is 5%. % at a value of about 27,200 pounds, and the Ministry of Agriculture provides the price of rice to the consumer at 15 pounds per kilo in its outlets.

Barley rice prices today, Wednesday

You can get the prices of barley rice today, Wednesday, as prices are updated on a daily basis, while prices have changed in the recent period due to the economic conditions the country is going through, and the Ministry of Supply provides rice prices in a reduced manner on ration cards up to 14 pounds after the large increase in its price in the recent period.

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