Goal difference or direct confrontations.. How does the Roshan League decide if points are equal?

Goal difference or direct confrontations.. How does the Roshan League decide if points are equal?
Goal difference or direct confrontations.. How does the Roshan League decide if points are equal?

The competition for the title of the Saudi Roshan Professional League competition, season 2022/2023, ignited as we entered the last gasp of the league’s final weeks.

Perhaps Al-Ittihad Jeddah stumbled against Al-Hilal in the twenty-seventh round, with two goals for each team, giving Al-Nasr the opportunity to maintain its hopes of being crowned, after reducing the difference with the leaders to only 3 points.

Al-Ittihad reached the 63rd point at the top of the Roshen League standings table, while Al-Nasr occupies the runner-up with 60 points, and each of them has three matches coming to the end of the competition.

The competition between Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr this season opened all possibilities wide, as there are in Jeddah the Al-Ameed fans confirming the approach to winning the championship that is absent from the club’s coffers, and in Riyadh the global fans hope that the leaders will stumble to pounce on the lead, while there is still a third possibility, which is equality in points between them. Let’s get into the math game.

Direct confrontations decide the Roshen league

According to the regulations of the Saudi Football Association, in the event that two or more teams are equal in the number of points at the top of the Roshen league table, then direct confrontations between them will be resorted to, given the results of the first and second round matches.

The Competitions Committee did not decide to rely on goal difference except in one case only, which is equality in direct results between the two teams, and here the goal difference rule will be resorted to.

And if the two teams have the same number of points, in addition to equal results in direct confrontations and then goals, then resort to fair play represented in yellow and red cards for each team during its league championship.

Who will win the Saudi League if Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr are equal on points?

In the event that Al-Ittihad Jeddah is equal to Al-Nasr in the number of points, Al-Ittihad will win the league title this season, according to the direct results, with Al-Nasr in the first and second rounds.

The first leg match between Al-Ittihad Jeddah against Al-Nasr in the first round ended in a goalless draw in the fifth round, while Al-Ittihad succeeded in defeating Al-Nasr in the second round with a clean goal scored by Brazilian Romarinho in the twentieth round of the competition.

The Jeddah Federation needs 6 points out of 9 to officially crown the Roshan League title without looking at the results of the victory, knowing that the Federation, if it gets 6 points, will raise its balance to point 69, which is the highest number of points that victory can reach if it wins the remaining three matches. But then the title will go to Al-Ittihad for its superiority in direct confrontations.