The Zagazig felonies decided to refer the papers of two unemployed persons who killed a worker to the honorable Mufti

Zagazig Criminal Court

The Zagazig Criminal Court decided to refer the papers of two unemployed persons to His Eminence Mufti for killing a worker for stealing a loader in the tenth of Ramadan city, and set the next June 12 session to pronounce the verdict.

The decision was issued under the chairmanship of Chancellor Nassim Ali Bayoumi, with the membership of counselors Sami Zain Al-Abidin and Al-Walid Hussein Makki, and the secretariat of Ayman Mahmoud and Islam Mahjoub.

The events of the case date back to July 5 of last year, when the Major General, Director of Eastern Security, received a notification from the Tenth of Ramadan Hospital that a worker had arrived with a brain hemorrhage and multiple fractures, and that he had died from his injury.

The investigations concluded that the perpetrators of the incident were unemployed, two of the dangerous criminal elements, and that they were determined to kill the victim, so they prepared (medical gloves, tape), and headed to the place where he was, where the first accused restricted his movement, and the second put a tape on his mouth to prevent him Then they assaulted him with a tool (Kourik) causing his injury, which was described in the anatomical report that claimed his life, and proceeded to steal a loader, but they were disappointed in the theft due to the breakdown of the vehicle.

The two defendants were arrested, and by presenting them to the Public Prosecution, it decided to refer them to the Zagazig Criminal Court, which issued its previous decision.

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