After his death.. everything you need to know about Abdel Karim Abdel Qader

After his death.. everything you need to know about Abdel Karim Abdel Qader
After his death.. everything you need to know about Abdel Karim Abdel Qader

The Kuwaiti artist, Abdul Karim Abdul Qadir, passed away yesterday, Friday, after a struggle with illness, at the age of 80, according to the Kuwaiti news.

And he was injured Abdul Kareem Abdul qader With a serious health problem, he entered an Emirates hospital, and after treatment he went out in a video clip in a wheelchair inside his room and reassured his fans.

Among his most famous albums (Album Al Zouarat, The Album in a nutshell, The Farewell Song, God is with me today, Impossible album,

In the following lines, we list the most important information:

Kuwaiti artist Abdul Karim Abdul Qadir, an 81-year-old Kuwaiti singer, was born in Al-Zubayr on June 13, 1941.

He started his career as an employee in the Ministry of Interior before devoting himself to the Music Department of the Ministry of Information.

The Kuwaiti artist Abdul Karim Abdul Qadir traces his origins back to the Iraqi city of Zubair, then moved to the Kuwaiti capital decades ago, where he grew up and grew up there, and he suffered from very difficult circumstances in his childhood, according to what was confirmed in a number of television programs.

The late artist was married and had five children: Kholoud – Iman – Khaled – Muhammad – Faisal

The Kuwaiti artist Abdel Karim Abdel Qader is considered one of the most important artists in Kuwait and the Arab Gulf in the seventies, eighties and nineties.

One of the songs he presented at the beginning of his life was the song “Takun Zalim” composed by Abdul Rahman Al-Buaijan.

He also presented the song “Khalik Maa Balrai”, the first composed by the young composer Mustafa Al-Awadi, which achieved success with the audience at the beginning of the seventies, which made them repeat cooperation again in the song “Ah, Al-Asmar, Ya Zain”, and this song achieved great success and was requested in all his concerts that he performed on all occasions until the end the seventies.

He cooperated with Dr. Abd al-Rab Idris in many successful works, as well as Talal Maddah in several distinguished works. He won many awards, including the Bronze Record Award for the third best song, Jamar Al-Wadaa, at the Cairo Music Festival in the 1990s, and the award for the best song (Shakhbarak) at the 1998 Cairo Festival.

Among his most famous farewell songs – Aashiq – Gharib – My Lateness – The Conditions of the Lovers – Night of the Night – Takun Zalim and many other successful works. He is considered one of the most famous and great Gulf artists. He was called the wounded voice by the public after the success of his famous song “Ajr Al Sawt” in 1998.