National Dialogue.. Out-of-the-box proposals to increase tourism revenues to $30 billion | Video

National Dialogue.. Out-of-the-box proposals to increase tourism revenues to $30 billion | Video
National Dialogue.. Out-of-the-box proposals to increase tourism revenues to $30 billion | Video

On the sidelines of the national dialogue sessions, “Al-Ahram Gate” met Dr. Amr Sedky, former head of the Tourism Committee in the House of Representatives, speaking about the tourism industry, through his participation in the session of drafting the tourist map for Egypt, and the obstacles facing this sector that slow down its national return to the state Egypt, which has climatic and archaeological potentials in various fields; Where the historical and religious relics, whether the shrines of the Ahl al-Bayt or the path of the Holy Family, are the ingredients that make Egypt a unique country, God singled it out for advantages that made it a destination for all the world’s population.

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Dr. Amr Sedky said that the national dialogue table witnessed discussions about the Egyptian tourism industry, overcoming obstacles to its development and renaissance, and presenting visions and ideas outside the box that would generate an unprecedented and unlimited return on the Egyptian economy, and then on the Egyptians who direct the state. This money is to be spent on improving the services provided to them, saying: “We seek, through the recommendations that we brought to the table of the national dialogue on the Egyptian tourism industry, to maximize national tourism revenues and achieve $30 billion in revenues.”

The former head of the Tourism and Aviation Committee in the House of Representatives added that our presence in the national dialogue is a promising step and gives rise to optimism that the state has become aware of the importance of this industry, pointing out that it is not possible to develop a tourist map for Egypt without discussing obstacles and obstacles in order to find solutions and in order to be able to make a map. set.

Regarding the mapping strategy, Amr Sedky said, We must know our capabilities as a result of our presence as a distinguished geographical location, pointing out that the geopolitical situation of Egypt qualifies it in terms of climate, the diversity of the people, and our tourism potential to introduce new patterns of tourism other than traditional tourism.

Amr Sedky said that Egypt for many decades relied on archaeological tourism only while it possessed many patterns such as cultural tourism such as exhibitions, opera, plastic arts, theater, and so on, in addition to religious tourism such as the shrines of Aal al-Bayt, as well as the path of the Holy Family, and hospital tourism, and all of these are resources for the state. We need to introduce it and pay attention to it with an investment view that promotes tourism in Egypt.

Referring to the obstacles to tourism in Egypt, he said that one of the main obstacles facing the tourism sector is the lack of access roads, pointing out that the only way for tourists to reach Egypt is by flying, calling for us to start thinking about having Egypt have a commercial marine fleet, which is what It was among his recommendations for the national dialogue sessions, which he put on the discussion table.