Watch the latest appearance of the artist, Abla Kamel, from inside the house..and the audience: Your longevity is normal

Despite her distance from the artistic community, the great artist Abla Kamel still holds her seat in the hearts of her fans and followers of all ages and nationalities, as she succeeded in her beginnings in approaching the hearts of her fans because of the natural look and the unaffected features that she used to appear with, and with the passage of time she became similar to With her features and roles, she is the mother of many, to remain on the throne of the best and closest to the followers.

How did her features change? .. Watch the latest appearance of the artist, Abla Kamel

And the official account of the artist Abla Kamel, through the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”, published a new picture of her, during the past few hours, in which she appeared from inside the house, specifically in front of the “kitchen”, and it was accompanied by a comment, “You have a beautiful day, my beloved.”

And the artist Abla Kamel, who bid farewell to the small screen several years ago, after many parts of her last dramatic work, appeared with features that showed age, wearing glasses with the traditional abaya and a traditional light veil as well.

The pioneers quickly interacted with her, and the followers praised her and expressed their longing for her and her reappearance, as well as praising her features, as many commented, “An artist who did not undergo plastic surgery,” “Your longevity is natural,” “Your sense is similar to our groans.”

The reason for the disappearance of Abla Kamel?

And the captain of the acting professions, the artist Ashraf Zaki, previously revealed, during his hosting of a television program, the reason for Abla Kamel’s decision to move away from art, as he explained, saying: “Abla Kamel had a close friend from outside the artistic community who died, and this made Abla Kamel enter into state of grief.”

Who are the daughters of Abla Kamel?

It is worth noting that the artist, Abla Kamel, is very interested in her two daughters and grandchildren, as she has two daughters, “Zainab and Fatima” from her ex-husband, the artist Ahmed Kamel, but they are completely far from appearing. The artist, Ahmed Kamal, revealed the details of their lives in a television interview, saying, “ Fatima, who specializes in nutrition and is interested in art, and Zainab, who works in drawing, adding, “They never say who are their children, they depend on themselves in every need.”