We are ready to face any opponent in the Champions League final, and the Italian clubs have returned to their normal positions a dialogue

* We are ready to face any opponent in the Champions League final

* Italian clubs have returned to their normal place at the top in Europe

* No one expected Inter to qualify for the Champions Final, and now the team is a candidate for the title

* The confrontation between Real Madrid and Manchester City is equal and it will be a war at the Etihad Stadium

*I hope the players stay with Inter next season and I am fortunate to work with this team

Massimo Paganin is one of the legends of the Italian club Inter Milan. Where he achieved a great football career with the team that he played in its ranks from 1993 to 1997, and after that he played in the ranks of Atlanta and Bologna.

Paganin won the European Cup with Inter Milan in the 4 years he played with the Nerazzurri, during which he participated in 151 matches.

Massimo Paganin, the legend of Inter Milan

Cairo 24 interviewed Massimo Paganin, the former Inter Milan star, to talk about the Nerazzurri’s rise to the Champions League final after overcoming the hurdle of the Italian Milan team, And to the text of the interview…

How did you follow the Milan derby back and forth in the Champions League?

– I watched the match back and forth from the grounds of the San Siro Giuseppe Meazza stadium, the atmosphere was more than wonderful .. a confrontation that will remain in history and is different from any other match in the Champions League semi-finals in past years.

Did you expect Inter to reach the final, and thanks to whom?

– I didn’t expect Inter to reach the final, but I don’t think anyone expected that either, but the team deserved to go to the Champions League final more than any other opponent, because against Porto, Benfica and Milan, it was three excellent matches, three matches we were the best Whether on our field or away from our stadium.

Massimo Paganin, captain of Inter Milan, against Juventus

Which team would you prefer in the final, Real Madrid or Manchester City, and why?

– When you reach the final, you are ready to face any opponent, whether Real Madrid or Manchester City. Inter will still have to face a great team. The final match will be equal and the chances are equal. City won the title.

What do you think of Inter’s march at the local and ongoing level this season?

– The team and the coach have done very well at Inter in the last two years, they’ve made a way to grow anyway because they won the Coppa Italia last year, they won the Super Cup last year, they won the Super Cup this year, they’re in the Coppa Italia final now and in the Champions League final So I would like to say that the work that has been done so far as a club, as a coach and as a team is excellent. The players have developed a lot and will have the opportunity to play the Champions League final to gain a lot of experience. I hope to keep all the players next season. This experience for the team is more than wonderful.

UEFA Cup winning Inter Milan team

What is the secret behind the brilliance of Italian clubs in Europe this season?

The Italian League is one of the best leagues in Europe and the world, as there are many high-minded coaches and different schools in football. This is the status of Italian clubs in Europe. Inter Milan has become a candidate to win the Champions League this season. Rome and Juventus are the closest to getting the league. European club this season. I hope at the end of the campaign to see the European Super Cup between Italian clubs, so that we can continue to dominate Europe.

What is your message to the players and the coach before the Champions League final?

– Inzaghi was fortunate to work with this great team. He won many titles and has now reached the Champions League final. The players gave everything for the club. Where was the result in the Champions League final? We are proud of what they have done in the past years and this season.

What are your expectations for the final match between Inter and Real Madrid or Manchester City?

– The match is equal, as I said earlier, no one can predict the outcome of a match like this, Manchester City has a great coach and a striker like a beast, and Real Madrid has experience, and no one can expect a match like this, but for sure we will enjoy this war today in Manchester.

Massimo Paganin, captain of Inter Milan, in front of Milan

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