Bank Muscat participates in the Communications and Information Technology Exhibition “COMEX 2023”

Bank Muscat participates in the Communications and Information Technology Exhibition “COMEX 2023”
Bank Muscat participates in the Communications and Information Technology Exhibition “COMEX 2023”


Keen to participate in various events and exhibitions to promote digital banking services and introduce visitors to them, bank muscat, the leading financial institution in the Sultanate of Oman, announced its participation and contribution to the Communications and Information Technology Exhibition “COMEX 2023” during the period from 22-25 May 2023 at the Oman Center For conferences and exhibitions.

The exhibition is organized by the Omani Group for Exhibitions and International Trade and is supported by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology and the Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit. In order to enhance the aspect of digital transformation, the 32nd edition of the exhibition will witness the participation of more than 100 institutions and local and international destinations.

Bank Muscat’s participation is an opportunity to introduce the bank’s role in promoting digital banking business and services, as well as introducing financial banking products and solutions, facilities and electronic services provided by the bank via the Internet, mobile phone and other applications. Bank Muscat is also participating in a special pavilion inside this exhibition to give visitors and participants the opportunity to meet the bank’s team present in the pavilion to answer any inquiries related to electronic banking services provided by the bank to customers. During the exhibition days, participants will learn more about digital payment solutions, including the payment service using the QR code. It is one of several digital services launched by the bank recently, which greatly contributed to enhancing customer experience and facilitating payment operations.

Bank Muscat’s electronic services are very popular with the bank’s customers to take advantage of the advantages and facilities of online and mobile banking. Currently, more than 1.6 million customers benefit from these services, who perform a wide range of banking services, such as paying various bills for a group of utility services such as electricity, water, communications, and paying bills. Credit cards and school fees, as well as money transfer transactions for various countries of the world can be completed via the SWIFT network, in addition to transferring funds quickly to a number of countries such as Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is also possible, through the bank’s mobile application services, to pay the amounts allocated for zakat and charitable payments In addition, Internet banking services and the Bank Muscat mobile application allow customers to disable or enable their direct debit card, update “know your customer” data, and other banking services and facilities that can be accomplished electronically. Customers can also benefit from the services provided by the service machines. Self-service provided by the bank in various locations around the Sultanate.
Digital transformation has helped enhance financial inclusion, and these recent developments have helped customers access services faster and more convenient for them, through online banking services, mobile phone, call center and more than 800 ATMs, cash deposits and multi-use devices that offer Several services around the clock, and for more information about the bank’s electronic channels, you can call 24795555 or visit the bank’s page on the website through:

With the development of digital services, the available modern features helped companies to speed up the completion of transactions, enhance employee efficiency, reduce data entry errors, and enhance security in order to provide a business environment more conducive to modern transformations. The digital transformation of companies provided advanced data analysis and direct data to ensure the greatest degree of transparency and control for companies to make better informed decisions. To achieve these goals, bank muscat has launched several services including liquidity management and institutional linkage solutions, corporate internet banking platform, digital trade portal, direct debit and remote check deposit solutions, virtual accounts, rapid transfer solutions and trade finance service, in addition to bank muscat’s integrated platform for transactions. Banking that provides various banking services to companies and small and medium enterprises, where all these services have been developed to provide the best digital solutions to customers based on their observations and needs in addition to global trends in this field.

Over the past four decades, Bank Muscat has won the admiration of the local, regional and international financial and banking community in recognition of its outstanding performance in developing the level of banking services and facilities. Best technology services that help make operations smoother translating his customer centric vision.

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