The Shura Council launches an attack on the Ministry of Commerce and puts forward some urgent demands

The Shura Council called on the Ministry of Commerce to study the possibility of applying “the owner of the establishment took prior approvals from the ministry to increase commodity prices,” to support its price control tools, in line with the Saudi market.

The Shura’s demand came during the thirty-third regular session of the Council of the work of the third year of the eighth session, which was held under the chairmanship of the Vice-President of the Council, Dr. Mishaal bin Fahm Al-Salami, at the Council’s headquarters in Riyadh, today, Wednesday.

The Council called for coordination with the relevant authorities to find the necessary legislative solutions in the car sales and after-sales services sector, to ensure an increase in the supply of cars, to cover local demand and reduce costs and requirements for car agencies.

In the same decision, he demanded that the Ministry of Commerce be empowered with the necessary tools to develop platforms that serve the business sector in coordination with the relevant authorities, including foreign investor services to enhance confidence in the commercial and investment environment.

He also called on the ministry to coordinate with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, to study the development of supply chains for local agricultural products, in a way that guarantees the economic viability of those products and protects consumers.

The Council’s decision also included a request to the Ministry of Commerce, in coordination with the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, to develop control mechanisms for points of sale and electronic stores, in a way that guarantees consumer protection from commercial fraud and fraud.

The Shura Council called on the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization to build a technical platform to classify the level of safety of vehicles in the Saudi market, according to criteria commensurate with the needs of consumers, as well as to coordinate with the relevant authorities to review the activities of the “Saudi Program for Product Safety and its targets” initiative; In line with the development in traditional and electronic commerce and enhancing the safety of consumer products offered in the Saudi market.

The council also called on the authority to re-evaluate the objectives and potentials of the program of support and awareness of the quality infrastructure for local manufacturers, to achieve alignment of its programs with national strategies and programs to promote the national industry, and to enable the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization with the legal and regulatory tools to activate the business center to provide its services in a commercial manner. To achieve the Authority’s self-financial sustainability and to enhance its regional and international leadership