Who is behind Abd al-Rahman al-Rumaithi, the Brotherhood who fled to Türkiye?

Khalaf Abd al-Rahman al-Rumaithi, the United Arab Emirates announced that it had received one of the state’s wanted security men, Khalaf Abd al-Rahman bin Hamid al-Rumaithi, who it explained was one of their names in the secret organization case, and a judgment was issued against him in absentia, as the Brotherhood received Khalaf Abd al-Rahman al-Rumaithi from Jordan.

Social media was buzzing about the news of the UAE’s receipt of the wanted Brotherhood, Khalaf Abd al-Rahman al-Rumaithi, asking about him, who is Khalaf al-Rumaithi and Wikipedia, what is his case and many details that they want to know.

Therefore, through the Arab Mirror website, we will present everything related to the Brotherhood, Khalaf Abd al-Rahman al-Rumaithi, who he is and the most important information about him.

Who is behind Abd al-Rahman al-Rumaithi?

  • His name is Khalaf Abdul Rahman bin Hamid Al-Rumaithi, an Emirati citizen and also holds Turkish citizenship.
  • He was arrested in Jordan after arriving at the airport from Turkey, where he had lived for 10 years.
  • A court ruling was issued against him in the Emirates 94 case of the Federal Supreme Court in 2013.
  • His charge is working to establish a secret organization affiliated with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

The case of the secret organization behind Abd al-Rahman al-Rumaithi

  • In 2013, the Federal Supreme Court issued a sentence in absentia of 8 members of the secret organization, for a period of 15 years.
  • It also sentenced 56 members of the organization to 10 years in prison in presence, and 5 members to 7 years.
  • Panama acquitted 25 defendants, including 13 women, in a report released in 2013.

The reason for handing over Jordan Khalaf Al-Rumaithi to the UAE

It is the existence of a security agreement between the two brotherly countries according to which fugitives from criminal justice are pursued in Arab countries.