The Minister of Environment meets the graduation project team “Together … to combat climate change”. Watch

The Minister of Environment meets the graduation project team “Together … to combat climate change”. Watch
The Minister of Environment meets the graduation project team “Together … to combat climate change”. Watch

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, met with the graduation project team “Together … to combat climate change” for 8 students in the fourth year of the Information Systems Division of the Modern Academy of Computer Science and Management Technology in Maadi, and the second-place winner in the global competition organized by Google entitled Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC), which was held at the American University in Cairo, in the presence of Professor Nahla Al-Naqeeb, Head of the Central Administration for Environmental Information and Awareness, Dr. Rehab Youssef, Director General of Environmental Awareness at the Ministry, Prof. Mahmoud El-Sayed Jadallah, Dean of the Academy, and Dr. Hisham Mahmoud, the team supervisor, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment in the New Administrative Capital.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad explained that the graduation project includes presenting a website containing a 3D simulation model that simulates the global problems of environmental pollution at the level of each country, providing environmentally friendly products for marketing at competitive prices, and referring to global environmental events from international conferences such as the COP27 Climate Change Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh and others, and the most important pioneers in the field of environmental work, linking all of this to an Android mobile application in several languages ​​that is available to all individuals and different age groups.

During her meeting with the project team, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, confirmed the ministry’s readiness to provide all aspects of support and technical information to develop the students’ graduation project, and to discuss the possibility of participating in the project and presenting it through environmental events and conferences.

The Minister of Environment added that the ministry always seeks to benefit from environmental research and ideas and encourage graduation projects for young people to raise awareness of environmental issues and combat climate change, in line with the efforts of the Egyptian state in dealing with the problem of climate change, stressing that the process of preserving and protecting the environment is one of the most important things that must be done. Everyone should put it as a priority, to reduce environmental degradation, which in turn threatens the health of humans, animals, and plants due to human activities.

The Minister of Environment offered the project team the possibility of following up the list of environmentally friendly products through the ECO EGYPT campaign as a means of protecting our unique natural environments and local culture, also referring to a store established in Sharm El Sheikh to sell environmentally friendly products, and a campaign for all friendly products will be held during this month. environment in the Wadi Degla Reserve.

The Minister of Environment referred to the cooperation protocol signed between the Ministries of Environment and Higher Education, which aims to integrate environmental issues, including climate change, in students’ graduation projects, implement environment activities in universities, support students’ initiatives and ideas in the field of the environment, as well as implement curricula for master’s students on climate change and management. sustainable natural resources.

For their part, the members of the project team expressed their happiness at having the opportunity to meet the minister, and the ministry’s assistance to the team through the Central Department of Information and Health Awareness in everything related to the graduation project, stressing that the idea of ​​the project (together .. to combat climate change) we seek through it to provide a message and an effective contribution For society and the environment in light of the nature of the issue of climate change, which primarily requires awareness of it and cooperation together in confronting it.

The Minister of Environment listened to the work team’s presentation of the project idea, expressing their aspiration to cooperate with the Ministry of Environment to develop the project and provide it with technical support from the Ministry to contribute to raising awareness for individuals, university youth and school children, and to contribute to environmental and awareness campaigns related to afforestation, cleanliness, recycling and others.

The work team added that the Android application is concerned with specialized environmental issues, and the user can log in, create an account, browse environmentally friendly products and more sustainable alternatives, view topics related to climate change, raise awareness, and communicate environmental concepts in a simple way.