News and reports – Operation “Abyan Tiger 2” is a severe blow to terrorist remnants in Abyan

News and reports – Operation “Abyan Tiger 2” is a severe blow to terrorist remnants in Abyan
News and reports – Operation “Abyan Tiger 2” is a severe blow to terrorist remnants in Abyan
After the liberation of Wadi Amran in the Mudiyah district a few months ago, the southern armed forces managed to purify the Al-Khayala Valley in the Al-Mahfad district of Abyan governorate from terrorist elements, after it was a difficult bet for the southern forces.

The Valley of the Cavalry is the second largest and most important camp for terrorist elements in Abyan, and securing it was not an easy matter, but rather it was a victory from God, as described by the commander of the First Brigade Support and Support, where Operation “Abyan Tiger 2” was launched by the First Brigade Support and Support, backed by emergency forces in the security belt, and access to The depth of the valley and cleansing it of terrorist elements, and they dedicated the victory to Major General Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, head of the Southern Transitional Council.

During the liberation operation, the heroes exerted great efforts, due to the difficult geographical location, the abundance of vegetation, and the rugged mountain roads, which impeded the progress of the “East Operation” for months, where the terrorist elements were stationed after fleeing from Wadi Omran, and they took Wadi al-Khayala as a headquarters for planning and launching to carry out their terrorist operations against the southern forces over a period of time. Most famously, however, the southern forces were recently able to extend their control over the valley and seize large quantities of explosives and equipment for their manufacture.

Drying up the sources of terrorism:
The southern forces liberated strategic mountains from the control of the terrorist al-Qaeda organization, and the southern forces stated in a statement that their units that participate in Operation Arrows of the East continued to chase the remnants of terrorist elements and began securing the mountains of Wadi al-Khayala after expelling the elements of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda and removing mines and explosive devices in the al-Mahfad district .
The statement quoted the Commander of the First Brigade of Support and Support in the Southern Forces, Brigadier General Nasr Atef Al-Yafei, as saying that during the operation, many networks of mines and explosive devices were removed, and our southern forces cleaned the strongholds of the remnants of terrorist elements. The military official added that many terrorist elements were killed during the military campaign that attacked and took control of Their hideouts are in the mountains adjacent to Wadi al-Khayala by units of the brigade forces with the support of the Security Belt emergency forces.
He pointed out that the remnants of al-Qaeda terrorist elements transported their dead and wounded through the high mountains towards the Ahwar valleys in the coastal governorate on the Arabian Sea.
He affirmed the continuation of the military operation, the pursuit of the remnants of terrorist elements, and the securing of all areas adjacent to the valley as part of the security and military operations in Abyan until the elimination of their terrorism.
The military campaign to purify the Cavalry Valley in Abyan came after a series of attacks by the al-Qaeda terrorist organization with explosive devices and ambushes that claimed the lives of a number of members of the southern forces.
Quality addition:
Al-Ain Newspaper described the “Abyan Tiger 2” campaign as a qualitative addition to the south’s victories over terrorism.
The official spokesman for the southern armed forces, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad al-Naqeeb, indicated that it is “one of the most important victories in the fight against terrorism, which was exported to the south a quarter of a century ago, and it is, in conclusion, a qualitative addition to the victory of the international war on terrorism.”

He stressed “the importance of continuing and perpetuating the existing partnership between the southern armed forces and the countries of the Arab coalition, and developing this war as a global one into a comprehensive international integration that targets terrorism.”
According to the military spokesman, “Al-Qaeda in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula would not have remained a tributary to the rest of the organization’s branches in the world and would be able to spread its crimes to many countries of the world had it not been for the survival of extremist forces such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm in Yemen, the Islah Party, outside the theater of the international war on terrorism.” “.

Pledge to continue to clean up:
The Commander-in-Chief of the Security Belts, Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali, said that the southern forces were able to clear the Cavalry Valley in an operation dubbed “Abyan Tiger 2”. They also found an explosive device factory that was used by terrorist groups in their sabotage operations.
Al-Wali added, in a statement to Al-Ghad Al-Mashreq channel, “On Wednesday, the “Abyan Tiger 2” campaign was launched as part of the Arrows of the East campaign to purify the Cavalry Valley and the mountains overlooking the valley, as terrorist groups tried in recent days to randomly fire mortars at the district and the forces stationed in Locations near the valley
The governor confirmed the introduction of a minesweeper as part of the campaign to clear Wadi al-Khayala, for the first time, stressing the destruction of a number of terrorist groups’ hideouts.

Developing and updating tools:
The official spokesman for the Southern Armed Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Al-Naqeeb, said that the forces participating in Operation “Abyan Tiger 2” managed to reach the terrorist elements who were trying to reposition themselves in the heights and mountains of Wadi Al-Khayala.
He added, in a statement to Al-Ghad Al-Mashreq channel, “The development and modernization of anti-terrorism tools enabled our forces to reach the location of the terrorist elements, and they were able, with their fire network, to thwart the terrorist elements from their ability to defend, and they fled.”
He continued, “Our forces are continuing to purify, pursue and pursue terrorist elements in Wadi al-Khayala until they are completely purified.”