My experience with Eva Collagen Ampoules

My experience with Eva Collagen Ampoules
My experience with Eva Collagen Ampoules

My experience with Eva Collagen Ampoules

My experience with Eva collagen ampoules is a useful and important one. I have regained my beauty and youth using these ampoules. Today we learn about the benefits of collagen ampoules for skin, eyes and hair and how to use them in all these cases during my experience with Eva collagen ampoules on the Egypt Brief website.

My experience with Eva Collagen Ampoules

When I reached the age of forty, some fine lines began to appear, which is the beginning of the appearance of wrinkles on the face, and this was a sign of gray hair, so I am looking for a cream that conceals my lines.

I used cosmetic creams to fight facial wrinkles, and the result was satisfactory at first, but fine lines began to appear on the face, and every time I changed one cream to another until I found the cream that fights wrinkles, but it is useless.

Until my mother visited us one day, so what is it? My mother has changed and looks much younger than her age, even though my mother is over 60, she looks much younger.

I asked her what is the secret that makes you look younger, your face is radiant, and your skin is so fresh?

She told me that she had been using Eva’s collagen ampoules for almost two months, and then told me all the details about Eva’s collagen ampoules and its importance in skin and hair care.

Now, after using Eva’s Collagen Ampoules, my appearance and aesthetics are back to what they were twenty years ago. I really have baby-like skin, and I want to tell you about my experience with Eva’s collagen ampoules that I applied on myself, from which I completely benefited.

My experience with Eva Collagen Skin Ampoules

Correct use of IGA Collagen Ampoules gives its full benefits. I used Eva Collagen Ampoules for skin in two different ways:

The first method: a skin mask

First, cleanse and thoroughly wash the skin, pat it dry, then empty the contents of the ampoule onto the face and neck by gently massaging in a circular motion with the fingertips.

This mask is applied day after day, preferably in the evening before bed, for best and fastest results.

The second method: collagen drink

Eva collagen ampoules contain natural collagen in a concentrated form. The collagen ampoule is diluted in a liter of water to drink throughout the day. Eva collagen ampoules can be consumed for 3 months to get a wonderful skin result.

My advice to every bride is to drink Eva with collagen 10 days before the wedding date to get clear, pure and soft skin like a baby’s skin.

The importance of collagen ampoules from Eva for the skin

Eva Collagen ampoules are ampoules rich in collagen that gives the skin and lips fullness, and also works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the skin, and through my experience I will explain to you in short points its importance:

  • Collagen ampoules from Eva give soft skin like children’s skin, and also maintain the freshness of the skin and make it cohesive.
  • It contains natural marine collagen, which increases skin moisture and elasticity, in addition to acmala flower extract, which tightens the skin.
  • Ava collagen ampoules contain nanoparticles that nourish skin cells and give them enough vitamins to naturally secrete collagen into the skin.
  • Collagen in Eva ampoules fills skin wrinkles, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.
  • It works to hide the signs of fatigue on the face, giving a lively appearance and reviving the face.
  • The collagen contained in Ava ampoules is rich in collagen to help remove the harmful effects of sunlight from skin cells, then works to lighten the skin naturally and safely.
  • Ava’s collagen ampoules are important for plumping up the cheeks naturally by strengthening the collagen already present in the body’s cells, and I used them during my experience with these magic ampoules to fill in the cheeks.
  • Collagen ampoules from Eva reduce the formation of excess fat in the skin and get rid of it, because these fats are responsible for the formation of acne, and also help give the skin a smooth and silky texture.
  • It prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt on the skin, which leads to clogged pores.
  • It helps reduce the effects of aging and aging, and it also penetrates the skin cells to give a clear complexion full of vitality and activity.

My experience with Eva Collagen Eye Ampoules

For the eye area, I used collagen ampoules in the same way I used for the skin, but with the difference here is the use of Eva Gold Collagen Eye Cream and I used it after Eva Gold Collagen Eye Cream on the face and neck and massaged it with a fat in the area around the eye.

The importance of Eva collagen eye ampoules

Collagen ampoules from Eva are considered one of the most important cosmetics for the eye. During my experience, I used collagen ampoules for the eye with regular use, and their advantages were as follows:

  • Removing wrinkles around the eye area, and getting rid of dark circles that give a more beautiful and bright appearance.
  • Getting rid of puffy eyes as a result of staying up late or physical or psychological effort, it strengthens the skin under the eyes, increases its moisture and gives it a soft texture.
  • The natural marine collagen present in Ava Collagen Ampoules increases moisture in the skin and natural flower extract increases skin strength and reduces skin weakness and sagging.
  • Ava collagen ampoules work to maintain the strength of the skin in the area around the eyes, which works to tighten the sagging skin around the eyes.
  • The collagen particles in Eva collagen fill all the voids in the skin pores and existing fine wrinkles, to give the skin a younger appearance.

My experience with Eva Collagen Hair Ampoules

I do a special routine on my hair to take care of it using Eva Collagen Hair Ampoules, and this method is:

  • At first, wash your hair well with shampoo to clean it of dirt and oils that prevent hair from absorbing collagen.
  • It dries hair well but still remains a little damp.
  • The hair is divided into four parts, and the collagen is evenly distributed over the hair in the same way as the dye, taking into account a distance of one centimeter from the hair roots.
  • Collagen stays on the hair for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the nature of the hair and the purpose of applying the collagen to the hair.
  • Comb the hair with a soft-toothed comb or brush, until the collagen on the hair is completely dry.
  • The hair is washed with water only, and it is taken into account not to rub the hair too much to preserve the largest amount of collagen on the hair.
  • Completely dry hair.
  • Using a ceramic iron, the hair is flattened at a temperature of 170 degrees for fine hair or 230 degrees for coarse, damaged and curly hair, in order to obtain soft hair that benefits health and shine.

    The importance of Eva collagen hair ampoules

    When I started using Eva Collagen ampoules, I tried it on my hair and it was very useful, and its benefits were many in several points, namely:

    • Eva collagen ampoules help give hair the proteins it loses gradually, especially with age. It gives hair health, elasticity and luster that are important to maintain the beautiful appearance of hair. It also gives hair a thick and healthy look.
    • Maintains hair health and maintains the melanin layer that covers the outer layer of hair, while giving hair a shiny appearance.
    • Reducing the appearance of white hair and signs of graying and aging due to preserving the melanin content in the hair. It also prevents frizzy hair and protects it from weakness and breakage.
    • Eva collagen ampoules restore hair follicles, nourish hair, and take care of tired, weak, and damaged hair, especially for me due to frequent use of hair dyes and the use of a hair dryer to dry hair.
    • Collagen ampoules from Eva treat hair loss and prevent baldness problems, especially early baldness.
    • Promoting blood flow to the hair, which aids in hair growth, is one of the main advantages of Ava hair ampoules.
    • The natural collagen present in Ava Collagen Ampoules stimulates healthy hair growth.
    • Helps treat hair problems, baldness and premature graying.

    My experience with Ava Collagen Ampoules for Obesity and Obesity

    The method of using collagen ampoules from Ava to inflate and fatten the cheeks is the same as the method of using the skin, but with the difference that in order to get the most benefit from the collagen ampoules from Ava, I advise you, dear, to use the collagen cream from Ava after applying the collagen ampoule on the face and neck.

    Because he will get full cheeks and fresh skin without any traces of wrinkles or fatigue and exhaustion.

    Collagen eva damages

    So far, no harm has been proven to Ava collagen ampoules, as it is a natural collagen extract from natural sea slugs, and no harm has been proven, but the instructions must be followed and used correctly to avoid any harm.

    I presented to you my experience with collagen ampoules from Ava and its many benefits for skin and hair and how to use it. I hope that my topic today will be useful.

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