What are the most prominent announcements and innovations at the Google Developers Conference?

The Google Developers Conference kicked off on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at Alphabet’s headquarters in Mountain View, with a live broadcast on the YouTube platform, where the event was dominated by artificial intelligence innovations and the star of the conference was Pixel Fold, Google’s first foldable phone. It was announced by the tech giant at this conference.

The most prominent ads Google’s annual developer conference

you try Google Return to competition and regain the initiative in innovation in the field artificial intelligence In a confrontation microsoft, In the context of fierce competition between technology giants. This is what emerged on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, during the “Google Developers Conference” in mountain view Company headquarters Google.

One of the most prominent announcements at this conference, and arguably the most important, is the unveiling of the artificial intelligence technology behind the products Google. Where the engine was unveiled PaLM2 AI Which will promote more than 20 products Google.

engine PaLM avi version two It can be played locally on mobile devices. It is faster and more skilled in dealing with multiple languages, Capable of processing 100 languagesIt allows, among other things, for example simultaneous dubbing of videos, saving of maps Google is a hyper-realistic 3D navigation system, with road traffic information, as well as weather data with animations.

The second version of the drive will help PaLM Developers fix bugs and code in different languages. It can generate “codes” in Python and JavaScript.

Bard Natural Language AI Model

as Working Google On expanding capabilities, model artificial intelligence in natural language cold. which cIntegration of many tools including search engine.

Bard Natural Language AI Model. © Google

Will be Generative artificial intelligence Available via apps workspace core through Duet AI. For example, the user can use some initial phrases, Prompt Generate texts in documents application Docs Depending on what the user would like to type with assisted writingAs well as help writing emails professionally in the email client.G mail Texts that the user can modify as desired Google Other features such as proofreading and adjusting writing style according to context, in different languages.

will be created Duet AI in the Slides presentations application, an original image based on the Prompt commands that the user gives about the image that he would like to obtain, then with the push of a button he inserts it into the presentation he is working on, and Duet AI also allows in the presentations application Slides The ability to convert a written document into a presentation.

The same is true for spreadsheets Sheetscan Duet AI Analyze, categorize, and tabulate data faster, and create plans for tasks and projects using text descriptions Prompt specific.

Also will use the application Meet technology Generative artificial intelligence To create unique backgrounds for video calls Microsoft Office model supported Generative artificial intelligence GPT-4 that launched it Microsoft nameMicrosoft 365 Copilot

Generative AI will be available across core Workspace applications through Duet AI © Google

well put Google Generative artificial intelligence in many applications, for example in the application Photos feature ” Magic Editor“, to edit photos. During the conference I participated Google Some models for the feature Magic Editor For example, use Magic Editor In changing the position of a child sitting on a seat carrying balloons and moving him to the middle of the image, “new” parts of the seat and balloons were automatically generated to the left of the image to fill the void, in addition to improving the appearance of the sky in the image.

© Google

The experimental feature will be available on some phones Pixel This fall. Well announced Google announced a collaboration with Adobe Inc. to add Adobe FireFly to Bard’s natural-language generative AI model.

Google puts generative artificial intelligence in many applications, including photo applications. © Google

But there was an important announcement at the conference when it was announced James ManicaSenior Vice President of Technology and Society Googlefor an advantage watermarking Ie tagging and identifying images, using tools artificial intelligence Tells users where the image was first seen. This is important to face misinformation which has become the scourge of the times.


will allow Google For users who would like to experience the aforementioned new features that are under testing. It is possible to register and join the waiting list via the website Google the official.

hiddenshe saw Google Search Labs

Among the many related ads with artificial intelligence from google, There are 3 testing features available throughSearch Labs. It provides generative research and other experiences in writing “code” and testing software, and the site suggests tips for code and debugging code snippets. In the meantime, it allows the user to enter search results into spreadsheets.

Google Search Labs to experiment with generative AI © Google

New versions of the famous Google phone series Pixel?

It can be said that a conference Google He was rich in promises, in addition to technology artificial intelligenceit was revealed Google About a huge number of products, most notably “Pixel Fold” The upcoming foldable phone Google Who was the star of the 2023 developer conference. I stressed Google On the features of this foldable phone, for example, the size of a phonePixel Fold” When closed, it fits in the palm of the hand and in a pocket, and when opened it offers a spacious 7.6-inch screen.

Pixel Fold © Google

Specifications of the foldable smartphone Pixel Fold

The first foldable smartphone is proposed Googlean external screen of some kind OLED It measures 5.8 inches and has a resolution of 2,092 x 1,080 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 17.4:9.At a frequency of 120 Hz, it is protected by a layer of glass Gorilla Glass Victusand supports always-on mode with my feature At a glance And Now Playing.The external screen allows for a brightness level of up to 1,200 nits with technology HDR or 1,550 lumens.

As for the internal folding screen, it is also of a type OLED It measures 7.6 inches and has a resolution of 2,208 x 1,840 pixels with an aspect ratio of 6:5. It also supports a frequency of 120 Hz with a maximum brightness level of 1,450 lumens.

© Google

phonePixel Fold” is thinner than any foldable phone. It also supports IPX8 water and dust resistance.In addition to other features associated with the new operating system Android 14.The first foldable phoneGoogle with the same slice Tensor G2 like Pixel 7 Pro, expected to be marketed in June 2023. Pixel Fold 283 grams, with a thickness of 12.1 mm when it is closed, and a thickness of no more than 5.8 mm when it is open, with a battery sufficient to work, according to Google, for a period of 72 hours with a feature Extreme Battery Saver. The battery can also be charged with the fast charging feature with the possibility of wireless charging. In addition to other features that we discover when available Google For the new operating system late summer 2023.

Phone specification Pixel 7A

Inc revealed Google About the new phone from the Pixel series Pixel 7a Which carries average specifications compared to a phone Pixel 7 Pro. suggest tel Pixel 7a Screen measuring 6.1 inches covered with glass Gorilla Glass For protection, with a body made of aluminum metal with glass and plastic, it comes as standard IP67 To resist water and dust.

Google revealed its new Pixel 7a series phone, which has average specifications compared to the Pixel 7 Pro. © Google

The screen resolution of the new Pixel phone is 2400 x 1080 pixels with a frequency of 90 Hz, and feature Google Smooth Display Which allows lower screen power consumption. She also added Google In-display fingerprint sensor.

working phone Pixel 7a with a therapist Tensor G2 with coprocessor Titan M2 from Googlewhich are the same processors as in previous versions in Pixel 7 And Pixel 7 Pro.

This phone comes with 8 GB of random memory with a storage capacity of 128 GB and a battery that can calculate Google It can last up to 72 hours of use if the feature is activated Extreme Battery Saver mode.

Available on a phone Pixel 7a 64-megapixel dual rear camera for the primary camera, 13 megapixels for the wide-field camera, and the front camera is 13 megapixels and supports facial recognition. Face Unlock.

For more information, you can return to the company’s website Google Learn more about the specification Pixel 7a And the dates of its availability in your countries along with the price.

Android 14 operating system

OS Android 14 Expected late summer 2023, it proposes a major update to the application Phone Find My where I was inspired Google from Camel Improve the way to find your lost phone, and benefit from millions of Android devices. For example, if a user forgets his phone Google Pixel At the airport, all devices can be used Android nearby to help locate the mobile phone better, in addition to supporting this feature for third-party Bluetooth tools through the feature Locate.

to improve Wear OS

Seeking Google To improve the core operating system of smartwatchesWear OS. Submitted Google During the conference long-awaited applications as an addition G mail and agenda for the operating system Wear OS It also announced the availability of an app“WhatsApp” Soon in the operating system Wear OS.

© Google

There were several important announcements at this year’s developer conference, especially in an attempt to highlight Google As a company responsible for developing tools artificial intelligence, Despite the controversy raised by the resignation of the chief researcher of “Laboratory Google for artificial intelligence Jeffrey Hinton; when he said Sundar Pichai CEO ofGoogle and parent company Alphabet,“For seven years we were essentially an AI company and today we are at a turning point.” This is what I saw at the conference, with Google’s great reservations to publish artificial intelligence technology with caution, unlike its competitors.

Watch the entire conference in the video below:

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