An American woman raises controversy on Tik Tok by telling her husband of her pregnancy. Watch

An American woman raises controversy on Tik Tok by telling her husband of her pregnancy. Watch
An American woman raises controversy on Tik Tok by telling her husband of her pregnancy. Watch

In light of every woman’s search for a funny, innovative and unique way to share her joy and happiness with the news of her pregnancy, many women deliberately devise various means to announce news of her pregnancy To her husband, then she publishes it on social media for everyone who shares her joy with her loved ones, and in light of the transformation of this situation into a rage among pregnant women, especially those beginners or a first year of motherhood, a pregnant American woman revealed news of her pregnancy For her husband, in a very creative way, she photographed and shared it via the video-sharing site Tik Tok.
The lady did not expect a transformation news of her pregnancy A viral news circulated among millions of social media users and internet surfers. The video attracted millions of followers and was circulated across various sites. The video also received many surprising comments, sparking a state of controversy between supporters, amazement, rejection or disgust, describing what the American lady did as either vulgar. Or the innovator.. so what did you do?

• An innovative way to inform her husband of her pregnancy

Pregnancy test in the hands of a couple – Image from shutterstock

According to, after hours of brainstorming, Jasmine Chiswell, an American living in Los Angeles, California, came up with a really strange idea to surprise her husband and reveal news of her pregnancy The woman filmed a video of herself filling a goblet with chocolate particles, strawberry slices, ice cream bits, topping the frozen ice cream with chocolate sauce and chips, then burying a pregnancy test (the strip with two blue lines indicating pregnancy positive) in the center of the cup and covering it with ice cream.
Mrs. Chiswell’s voice appears in the video as she holds a trophy of frozen ice cream to her unsuspecting husband and invites him to eat it, saying, “Well, Maverick, we’ve got your ice cream.”
Chiswell hands her husband a cup of delicious ice cream Maverick Sundae, “It’s so sweet and they put together a new cute little extra surprise for you,” she says.

• Unsafe eating of ice cream…!


The sweetest but maybe the most gross pregnancy surprise…I can’t believe he ATE THAT!!!

Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic – Kenji Ueda

Chiswell titled the video clip on TikTok with “The sweetest pregnancy surprise, but perhaps the most dangerous.” According to the video clip, Maverick begins to eat ice cream with enjoyment, picking up a pregnancy test stick without realizing, so he licks it without knowing that it is a pregnancy test against the background of the wife’s screams. The laughing “Maverick”, then the voice of the husband appeared as he asked, “Is that a chocolate chip?”
A few seconds later, the husband realizes that what he is licking is a pregnancy test, so he vomits ice cream next to the sofa, laughing in amazement before realizing what happened, saying, “I can’t believe I ate that.” Then he approaches the camera and says, “Well, at least you’re pregnant,” and he doesn’t believe it. what his wife did.

• A viral clip that attracts millions of views


Ahhh I’m so EXCITED!!!

Chelsea Petersen – Chelsea

According to, the video clip attracted millions of views on the TikTok platform after it was shown to turn into a viral video, as it achieved more than 7.9 million views shortly after its presentation, and the reactions of TikTok followers varied, some of whom considered the clip funny, and others commented The idea was innovative, while others found it a romantic idea, although some indicated that the clip was disgusting, so that some viewers advised Chiswell that it was possible to at least wrap the test with cling film to protect the ice cream, while others questioned the credibility of Chiswell herself, and that what What she did seems fake, but Chiswell appears to be honest because she filmed another clip announcing she was pregnant naturally while holding a pregnancy wand and X-ray paper showing the pregnancy while patting her stomach.
In the end, we cannot deny the funnyness of this lady’s idea and her uniqueness, which made her reap millions of views.
And you, what do you think about telling your husband about your pregnancy in this way? Tell us if you have a funnier way that you did yourself or one of your acquaintances did to tell the husband this joyful news of the arrival of the newcomer, and if you do not have a way, here are 20 romantic ways to tell your husband that you are pregnant

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