Today, 99,000 students start their preparatory certificate exams in Qalyubia

Today, 99,000 students start their preparatory certificate exams in Qalyubia
Today, 99,000 students start their preparatory certificate exams in Qalyubia

Qalyubia Ibrahim Salem

Thursday, May 18, 2023 07:00 AM

Today, Thursday, the preparatory certificate exams 2023 will start in Qalyubia Governorate, for the second semester, where students will take the Arabic language exam, which starts at nine o’clock in the morning and lasts for two and a half hours, as all 431 school committees at the governorate level have been identified, which they will perform. 99,000 male and female students took exams at the end of the year, and the committees were equipped with good lighting, ventilation, and security and safety factors.

Samah Ibrahim, Director of the Directorate of Education in Qalyubia, held an extensive meeting with the general directors of the directorate and the directors of educational departments, today, Wednesday, to discuss the final preparations for the start of the preparatory certificate exams today, Thursday.

The Director of Education of Qalyubia discussed a number of important points, including the emphasis on forming an operating room for exams who have no objections headed by the Director of Administration and the membership of each of the undersecretary of administration, stages, security, technical guidance according to each subject, and taking all measures to create the appropriate climate that guarantees students’ performance. for exams in a calm atmosphere; In order to achieve the principle of equal opportunities, with the application of all preventive and precautionary measures.

The Director of Education in Qalyubia also stressed coordination with the security authorities to develop a plan to secure schools and educational buildings to provide a safe atmosphere for our students during the course of the exams, stressing the final prevention of cheating within the exam committees and adherence to Law 205 of 2020 so as not to prejudice the work of the exams and not to take the mobile phone permanently in Committees by the student or the observer in the examination committee.

She added that the heads of the committees will be communicated with them around the clock through the central operations room in the Directorate’s office or the operating rooms in the educational departments by telephone and electronically, to immediately follow up the progress of the exams and overcome all obstacles that some of them may face.

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