Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother relies on magic to fight Georgina Rodriguez..and her first comment!!

Spread on social media, the news of the mother of the famous Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo resorting to magic to separate him from Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother

In the details, Dolores Aveiro, the mother of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, broke her silence, after she was accused of resorting to magic and sorcery in order to cause a real crisis in her son’s relationship with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez.

Aveiro confirmed that she had resorted to the judiciary to file a lawsuit against all these lies, pointing out that a well-known Portuguese newspaper was using her family name to promote herself.

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Ronaldo’s mother published her statement on her Instagram account, and attached a picture titled (Urgent), and said: “What was published is false news and horrific fabrications against me that are untrue,” pointing out that the newspaper claimed that she had taken actions to destroy her son’s happiness.

Portuguese media claimed that Ronaldo’s mother did not like Georgina and wanted a separation between them, and therefore resorted to magic and sorcery to achieve her goal.

Dolores Aveiro also denied, a few days ago, the existence of major differences between her son and Jorhina, stressing that all this is just rumors and lies and has no basis in truth, noting that every couple argues.

And at the beginning of 2023, the Spanish newspaper “Marca” also claimed that Dolores sees that Georgina does not love Ronaldo and knows him only in order to benefit from his money, which is why she rejects the idea of ​​​​their marriage.

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On the other hand, the video of the two daughters of the international Portuguese player and star, and his beloved Georgina Rodriguez, spread through social networking sites while they were speaking Arabic.

In the details, model Georgina Rodrigues and the partner of Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo documented a video clip showing her two daughters, Alana and Eva, speaking Arabic.

In the video, 6-year-old Alana Martina appears fluently repeating the names of the days of the week in Arabic, saying: “Friday, Saturday, Thursday, Wednesday.”

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In the video, the two girls sang an Arabic song, which reads: “I love my mother, I love my father.”

It seems that the Portuguese star’s family has quickly adapted to life in Saudi Arabia.

Georgina, Ronaldo and the five children live in Saudi Arabia after the Portuguese player moved to Al-Nasr club in a two-and-a-half-year deal, valued at more than 200 million euros, in one of the largest deals in the history of Saudi and world football.

The residence of Ronaldo and his family is located in the Four Seasons Hotel in the Kingdom Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia, and provides him with the best view of Riyadh, until a house is prepared for him to live in during the rest of his time with Al-Nasr Club, with which he has a two-and-a-half-year contract.


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