Learn about digestive disorders.. they cause inflammation of the intestine

Learn about digestive disorders.. they cause inflammation of the intestine
Learn about digestive disorders.. they cause inflammation of the intestine

Celiac disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the small intestine. This condition is caused by the consumption of gluten-containing food products in susceptible individuals. There are many factors that can be involved in this condition, including genetic and environmental factors healthyvime

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Digestive symptoms of celiac disease include the following:



chronic diarrhoea


Lactose intolerance due to damage to the small intestine

Bad seats



Some other symptoms include fatigue, unhealthy weight loss, skin rashes, and so on. In some cases, celiac disease can also cause nerve damage, speech disorders, infertility problems, and so on. It can also cause delayed puberty in children. In addition, weight gain can occur in celiac disease when it is associated with certain disorders, such as the thyroid gland.

Causes of celiac disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition. The exact cause of such an immune response is not clear. However, a combination of different factors can trigger the disorder. These include genetic factors, environmental factors, stress, prevalent medical conditions, etc. Pregnancy, childbirth and hormonal imbalance can also be causes. However, the most common cause of celiac disease is the environment.

According to research, feeding patterns in the first year of life and possible viral infections (such as rotavirus) can lead to celiac disease. A prospective study elucidates the role of a specific infectious agent in celiac disease. The authors found that increased frequency of rotavirus infection increases the risk of celiac disease in children.

Health conditions associated with celiac disease

Patients with celiac disease often have certain health conditions. These conditions include “genetic disorders” such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, and Williams syndrome, and “autoimmune” or “neurological” disorders. Some of the common health problems that can result from celiac disease are::

Type 1 diabetes

Autoimmune thyroid disorders

Autoimmune hepatitis and other forms of liver damage

Neurological disorders

Complications of untreated celiac disease

Celiac disease in adults, especially if diagnosed late, can lead to additional complications. these terms:


Gastrointestinal lymphoma associated with enteropathy

Ulcerative vulgaris

Reproductive disorders