Presidency of the Dakhla Center: Removing a dilapidated house in the city of Mut, in the interest of citizens’ lives

The New Valley – Maher Al-Bahnasawy

Thursday, May 18, 2023 09:27 AM

The local unit of the Dakhla Center and City in the New Valley Governorate announced the implementation of a campaign to remove a mud-brick house that is about to fall in the old Mut area, next to the Islamic Complex in the city of Mut, which represents an imminent danger to the security and safety of citizens residing in these areas, in implementation of the directives of Eng. To fall, which represents an imminent danger, and in response to citizens’ requests to remove dilapidated houses in the interest of their lives and property, and the removal work was carried out under the supervision of Saber Mubarez, Second Deputy Head of the Center, and with the participation of Haitham Hussein, the General Supervisor of Neighborhoods.

The Dakhla City Council responded to the distress of a woman from the village of Al-Hindaw after the collapse of her mud-brick house without causing any injuries. From connecting the facilities to this house, in coordination with the mayor of Al-Hindaw village, in implementation of the directives of Major General Dr. Muhammad Al-Zamlot, Governor of the New Valley, quickly responding to the problems of citizens.

In a related context, the Directorate of Social Solidarity began counting the homes affected by termites in the center of Paris, and coordinating with civil societies to contribute to rebuilding homes affected by termites.