Secrets of Princess Diana’s murder … artificial intelligence implicates the British throne (witness)

Secrets of Princess Diana’s murder … artificial intelligence implicates the British throne (witness)
Secrets of Princess Diana’s murder … artificial intelligence implicates the British throne (witness)

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homeland- Artificial intelligence has become a haven for thousands of questions that many believe it is the only one capable of solving and decoding, especially after proving its ability to accomplish complex tasks and answer puzzling questions.

For years, the question “Who killed Princess Diana?” has obsessed. attention of international public opinion. Before an amateur recently tried to pitch it to an AI-powered program.

Artificial intelligence resolves the controversy in the case of Princess Diana

Princess Diana died in a terrible car accident, when she was accompanied by her Egyptian friend, Dodi Al-Fayed, in 1997 in the French capital, Paris.

Since her death, the case of the murder of Princess Diana, at the age of 36, was considered a “judgment and destiny”, before artificial intelligence entered the line by offering an unexpected answer.

Where a video clip – not exceeding 19 seconds – spread about a mysterious answer by an artificial intelligence program to a Brazilian “Tik Toker” question, about the question “Who killed Princess Diana.”

It would be a surprise if the aforementioned program contented itself with showing 3 pictures related to the case without saying a word, leaving the decisive answer to the viewer.

The artificial intelligence program responded with three photos, which were published by the Brazilian “sdpnoticias” website.

The first image is of an elderly, light-skinned woman who bears a striking resemblance to the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was mother-in-law to Diana, Princess of Wales.

And the second image of a tall, skinny old man with light skin and light eyes. Many suggested that it could be Prince Philip, the father of the current King of Britain, Charles III, who was Princess Diana’s husband.


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As for the third picture, it showed a smashed car, in reference to the car that was carrying Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed when it crashed into a pillar under the “Alma” bridge in the center of the French capital, Paris.

And the “Tik Toker”, Raul Gutierrez, says in the video in Spanish: “I asked the artificial intelligence who was behind the death of Princess Diana, so he made these pictures,” leaving the viewer to analyze the video answer himself.

Who killed Princess Diana?

This is the question that still sparks controversy and speculation more than two decades after her death in a horrific car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Officially, driver Henri Paul, who was speeding and under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and the paparazzi who were chasing him were blamed.

However, many believe that there is a conspiracy behind the accident, and that there are influential parties who wanted to get rid of Princess Diana because of her relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed, or because of her humanitarian and charitable activities, or because of her differences with the royal family.

Many theories and allegations have been put forward about this conspiracy, but so far none of them has been conclusively proven.

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