Death mourns the young artist, Nour Ehab, in her grandmother, and Reham Abdel Ghafour mourns her

In the past few hours, Mrs. Laila Abdel-Ghani El-Sayed, the grandmother of the young artist Nour Ehab and the daughter of the late artist Abdel-Ghani El-Sayed, passed away from our world after a medical crisis.

Long live Egypt In that report, details of the death of Nour Ehab’s grandmother are recorded

The death of Nour Ehab’s grandmother

The news of the death came on the official page of Nour Ehab, through his official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, via the private “Story”: “My grandmother, Hajja Laila Abdel-Ghani, has moved to God’s mercy, and the funeral prayer will take place after the noon prayer at the Sayyida Nafisa Mosque.”

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Reham Abdel Ghafour mourns the grandmother of Nour Ehab: My second mother

The artist, Rehab Abdel Ghafour, was keen to mourn Laila Abdel Ghani, Jeddah Nour Ihab, through her official account on the social networking site “Facebook.” She wrote: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return, with hearts that believe in God’s will and destiny. Mr. The funeral prayer at Al-Sayeda Nafisa Mosque and the burial in Al-Sayeda Aisha today after the noon prayer. We ask you to pray.”

Posted by Reham Abdel Ghafour

The latest work of Nour Ehab

On the other hand, Nour Ihab’s last dramatic work was her participation in the Aamal series, in which she co-starred alongside the stars Khaled El Sawy, Sabreen, Dina El Masry, Mohamed Mahran, Moufid Ashour, Ayman Azab, written by Mohamed El Hennawy, directed by Ahmed Abdel Hamid, produced by Synergy Company, and its story takes place in a social context, where Khaled El Sawy embodied the personality of the father who is married to the artist Sabreen.

Nour Ehab spoke about the details of her participation in the series, and she said: “I went to sit with Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid, the director, and he told me about the role of Shadia, and I knew everything about the series, and I did not hesitate for one hour that I would be with them in it, and that I would be the daughter of Khaled Al-Sawy and Sabreen, for me this is a serious need.” .