I sold my network to prepare it for a second groom

I sold my network to prepare it for a second groom
I sold my network to prepare it for a second groom

“3 years after I asked her to complete our marriage, but she always procrastinated and told me that it was not his time, and I still did not complete my device until I discovered that she was deceiving me. She sold my network in order to prepare herself for another groom.” A few words that an employee of a famous bank summed up the deception he was subjected to by his fiancée who sold her gold jewelry Al-Shabaka bought it for her, and with the money she bought electrical equipment in order to marry another young man with whom she has an illegal relationship.

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Before the Al-Shorouk Family Court in the Fifth Settlement Court, Nader narrated – a pseudonym – in the “Reply Shabaka” case, the details of his fiancée setting up on him and selling her the Shabaka. He said that he bought her gold jewelry that weighed 60 grams in the year 2020, and throughout those past years he had been asking her to complete their marriage, but he was amazed. Whoever refused it, saying: “I was not like girls who dream of wearing a white dress and getting married quickly.” He added that he learned by chance that the network sold it when a friend of his who owns an electrical appliances store told him that his fiancée had bought him a washing machine and a refrigerator, so he thought that she was buying these devices to complete their marriage, while he was amazed at the source of her obtaining the money Where she always assures him of her inability to buy her device.


The young man confronted his fiancée with what he knew, and she told him that she had bought these devices after selling her network, so he asked her to set the wedding date, but he was surprised by her refusal until he learned from some people and friends surrounding them that they were seeing his fiancée in several places with another young man until he learned of her betrayal of him and that she had sold his network to her so that she could prepare the marital apartment But with another groom.

Dr. Noha El-Gendy hosted by Sada El-Balad

Nader said that when he confronted his fiancée about what he knew of her betrayal of him, she replied calmly: “Do you still know?” He became angry and asked her to return the net to him. She said: “Prove that I took something from you. I will say that you took your net.”

60 grams of gold

The deceived groom resorted to Dr. Noha Al-Jundi, the lawyer, who filed a lawsuit for him to “return the network” and used before the court pictures of his engagement to the bride, which proves that she is wearing the jewelry he bought for her. With his testimony, he keeps all the records of the surveillance cameras, although the newlyweds bought the network 3 years ago, but he used not to delete the records of the cameras, especially those that record the sale of gold, and he proved that the newlyweds, “both parties to the lawsuit,” bought the network from his shop.

After deliberating the case, the court ruled that the girl be required to return the net to her groom, her “ex-fiancé,” in grams, i.e. 60 grams of gold, not a sum of money.