Heba Salah Hamed won the International “Inspirational” Award from the Federation of Arab Entrepreneurs

Heba Salah Hamed won the International “Inspirational” Award from the Federation of Arab Entrepreneurs
Heba Salah Hamed won the International “Inspirational” Award from the Federation of Arab Entrepreneurs

Dr. Heba Salah, Professor of Fish Physiology at the Girls’ College of Arts, Sciences and Education, Ain Shams University, received the “Inspirational” International Award from the Union of Arab Entrepreneurs for the seventh season.

A ceremony was held to honor recipients of the Entrepreneurs and Development Leaders Award, which is organized by the federation, and is awarded to the most inspiring Arab symbols.

The honors included some heads of Egyptian universities, media figures, the Leadership Development Institute in Helwan, and some Arab figures from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

Dr. Heba Salah expressed her happiness with this honor and the “Inspiring” award, for being chosen as one of the inspiring female figures for excellence in scientific research, who has received many honors and awards internationally and regionally and has been reviewed in many international and international journals.

Dr. Heba Salah is considered the first professor to be promoted to the Scientific Distinction track in the Committee of Zoology and Insects at the level of the Republic for less than 40 years. development and community service.

The inspiring International Globe Magnitude Award is an affirmation of everyone’s participation in lofty human principles and moral and societal responsibility to appreciate and honor leaders in science, culture, economics, thinkers, artistic figures and statures of society’s leaders, because they are true inspiring icons that inspire generations and write history.

And she received many awards and honors, including honoring the international “Inspirational Award” for the “seventh season” from the Union of Arab Entrepreneurs in May 2023, where she was chosen as one of the inspiring and distinguished female personalities in the field of scientific research, in addition to her interest in women’s issues and her service and development role in community service.

She also received the “Best Researcher Award” from Pencis International Foundation – Dubai – United Arab Emirates in 2021 in the field of science, medicine and technology for the category of young researchers under 40 years old.

She also won the Excellence Award for the Best Arab African Woman for the year 2022 in the Arab-African Forum Competition, and won the Oscar Award for Best Arab University Professor in Science for the year 2019 – Arab Women’s Media Network, and Dr. Makram Mohani Award for Scientific Creativity (Life Sciences) February 2019 – Cultural Center Coptic Orthodox, in addition to being awarded the Medal of Giving among the 20 most influential female personalities in the Arab world on the sidelines of the “The Role of Women Facing the Challenges of the Age” conference in January 2019.