The accused was arrested for killing a woman in Kerdasa for assaulting his daughter

The accused was arrested for killing a woman in Kerdasa for assaulting his daughter
The accused was arrested for killing a woman in Kerdasa for assaulting his daughter

Written by Mahmoud Abdel-Radi – Abdel-Rahman Sayed

Thursday, May 18, 2023 11:25 AM

The Ministry of Interior’s agencies revealed the circumstances of what was reported to the Kerdasa Police Station in the Giza Security Directorate that the body of an “unknown” woman was found inside a residential apartment owned by (one of the people) located in the department’s department.

A research team was formed with the participation of the Public Security Sector and the Giza Security Directorate. Its efforts resulted in identifying the victim, and it was found that she was (a housewife – a resident of the Qanater Charity Police Station in Qalyubia) and that the owner of the aforementioned apartment was behind the commission of the incident (a worker – located in Al-Buhaira Governorate).

After codifying the procedures, in coordination with the Buhaira Security Directorate, he was targeted and was able to be caught in the Badr Police Station, and by confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, and decided to introduce him to the victim and his agreement with her to marry her to take care of his daughter, and she resided with him in the aforementioned apartment, and on the date of the incident, when he returned to the apartment, he was surprised by the victim’s attack on his daughter He assaulted her with a “stick and an electric cable,” and took her life. He then went to the Buhaira governorate to work on a farm, and gave instructions on the tools used to commit the incident.

The Penal Code differentiates in the punishment for murder crimes between murder associated with premeditation and premeditation, and murder without premeditation, the first is punishable by death, and the second is life or aggravated imprisonment. Article 230 of the law stipulates: Whoever willfully kills a person with premeditation or premeditation shall be punished with death.

The law defines premeditation as the intent that is determined upon before the act to commit a misdemeanor or felony, the purpose of which is to harm a specific person or any unspecified person he finds or encounters, whether that intent is dependent on the occurrence of an matter or is dependent on a condition. Or many parties for a long or short period of time in order to kill that person or harm him by beating and the like.

Article 233 stipulates: “Whoever deliberately kills someone with substances that cause death sooner or later, he is considered a murderer with poison, regardless of the method of using those substances, and he shall be punished with death.” Article 234 stipulates: “Whoever kills a person intentionally without premeditation or premeditation shall be punished with life imprisonment.” However, the perpetrator of this felony shall be sentenced to death if it is preceded, accompanied by, or followed by another felony. But if the intent is to prepare for, facilitate or actually commit a misdemeanor, or assist the perpetrators or their accomplices to escape or get rid of the penalty, then the sentence shall be death or imprisonment. Life imprisonment and the death penalty if the crime is committed in execution of a terrorist purpose.

Article 235 spoke of the participants in the killing, and stated that the participants in the killing that requires the perpetrator to be sentenced to death shall be punished with death or life imprisonment.