Saif Jaafar is close to renewing Zamalek, despite the Emirati offer

Saif Jaafar is close to renewing Zamalek, despite the Emirati offer
Saif Jaafar is close to renewing Zamalek, despite the Emirati offer

Hossam Al-Hajj wrote

Thursday, May 18, 2023 10:01 AM

Saif Farouk Jaafar, midfielder of the first football team in Zamalek club, is close to renewing the white club, despite the arrival of an attractive Emirati offer for him during the past hours, but the player puts the renewal of the white team at the top of his priorities.

Zamalek club officials have come a long way in the file for renewing Saif Jaafar’s contract after making a suitable offer to him during the past hours, so that the player is close to staying in the ranks of the white team, especially since his contract expires at the end of the season.

In a related context, Abdel Wahed El-Sayed, director of football in Zamalek, revealed, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, the decision of the coach of the Colombian team, Osorio, to exclude Youssef Osama Nabih, the team player, from participating in group training, indicating that the coach sat with the player to find out his position. Who or not to continue with the team, and when he learned of the news of his signing for the Pyramids Club, he preferred to dismiss him because the team would not benefit from him in the future, and so that the coach would have more space to focus with the players who benefit the team.

Abdel Wahed stressed that the decision to remove Youssef Nabih from the training was a decision for the technical director, Osorio, without interference from the Egyptian auxiliary apparatus, as was reported by some, indicating that the Colombian coach is the only one who has the right to make any technical decision regarding Zamalek.

And the director of football in the white team explained that Zamalek did not fall short with Youssef Osama Nabih, as he is one of his sons and takes into account his interest in a way that suits the club’s circumstances, indicating that a session was held with him on the part of Amir Mortada and he gave him an offer of a very respectable financial value that the player welcomed, and there was a point A single dispute was resolved in recent days, and we were waiting for him to sign renewal contracts after that, but he did not, so the coach decided to remove him from his accounts until his final position was determined, although Osorio considered him one of the players he would rely on after reaching the required level with him.