Eastern silos continue to receive wheat from farmers

Eastern silos continue to receive wheat from farmers
Eastern silos continue to receive wheat from farmers

Eastern – Hamdi Abdel-Azim

Thursday, May 18, 2023 11:33 AM

The silos and silos of Al-Sharqia Governorate continue to receive yellow gold from the wheat harvest season, and the committees responsible for receiving wheat are working to facilitate the supply of wheat for farmers and reduce time and effort.

The seventh day, the wheat suppliers and sorting committees met inside the silos

Muhammad Abd al-Basit Abd al-Badi says that he supplies wheat on a daily basis to the various silos of the governorate, because he trades, and that the committees specialized in receiving yellow gold provide assistance to him and work to facilitate things. There are no queues as we used to see, but things end very quickly and the amounts due are received on time. Very short, not exceeding two days.

The accountant, Muhammad Rayan, director of Nazlet Khayal silos, Abu Kabir Center, Sharkia Governorate, said that wheat had been received since April 23, and large quantities amounted to 10,000 tons, equivalent to 70,000 ardebs, and were transferred to other strategic storage locations.

He added that the silos have a storage capacity of 5,000 tons, which have been filled and emptied twice so far, and the wheat is being received in them, as the supplier, whether a merchant or a farmer, pays his financial dues 48 hours after the date of wheat supply.

He pointed out that the silos have a wheat sorting committee made up of the head of the committee from the Supply Department and a delegate from agriculture to count the areas from which veins are taken, a representative of the National Food Safety Authority, who determines the degree of wheat purity, and a representative of the Scales Association, who follows up and monitors the scales.

Engineer Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, official of the Food Safety Authority, added that the committee examines and receives the wheat when the car arrives, and a homogeneous sample of wheat is taken from all the sacks, examining the degree of purity and giving it the degree determined by the Ministry of Supply. 98% at 1500 for Ardb, second class 23, with a purity of 96% at 1475, and third degree 22.5, with a purity of 94% at 1450.

After that, the car moves to weighing, followed by the Qabbani to determine its standing weight, then moves to unloading, after which the car returns to the scale, determines its empty weight, and clears the amount of wheat, then the supplier receives a card showing the weight and degree of wheat, and after 48 hours he comes to pay his dues.

Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharkia, confirmed that the total number of government-developed silos and barns designated to receive wheat this year is (55) silos, banks, and barns developed by the government and the private sector, sufficient for the governorate’s wheat needs, pointing out that the total area cultivated with wheat this season is within the Sharqia governorate district. 423 thousand and 222 acres, an increase of 14 thousand acres over last year

He pointed to the formation of a committee to inspect and pass through the developed governmental and private silos and barns within the scope of the governorate district to ensure that they comply with all health, catering and storage requirements necessary for the storage process in a healthy and sound manner..

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