How to avoid increasing the size of your waste from clothes? Answer in 10 solutions

How to avoid increasing the size of your waste from clothes? Answer in 10 solutions
How to avoid increasing the size of your waste from clothes? Answer in 10 solutions

Posted by Manal El-Esawy

Friday, May 12, 2023 08:59 PM

With the increase in the pace of fashion in clothing, and based on what was announced by the Glasgow Summit in COP 26, with the so-called Fashion Charter, which obliges clothing manufacturers and fashion houses to resort to environmentally friendly materials, there was a responsibility on the individuals themselves to resort to some solutions that reduce the process of existence Waste in large proportions of clothes, as studies have confirmed that the average person during 2022 buys clothes at a rate of more than 60% compared to previous years, and the issue does not stop at the purchase only, but rather this purchase results in waste of clothes that are not used.

During this report, we monitor some solutions developed by experts in order to reduce the volume of waste from clothes, although fashion and sustainability are two conflicting and separate concepts, but by following some solutions, we can move to green fashion..

First: smart buying and commercial economy, by shopping from brands specialized in sustainable clothing, which adopt ecological standards, in addition to that in the absence of sustainable fashion in all regions, the consumer must search for this type of environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing to buy, because it is old It lasts longer, and withstands repeated washing cycles, unlike other cheap garments, since an extra year of wearing a garment means less soiling and more savings, it is better to prevent waste than to treat waste.

Second: Instead of disposing of clothing waste, it can be recycled or reused, and new fashion can be made from it by cutting it and adding some elements to it, or manufacturing such as walkers or cushions..

Thirdly, old clothes can also be donated to the most needy groups or sold at low prices. Before buying, look for companies that have a product return policy so that you can recycle the clothes after they are consumed..

Fourth: The Sustainable Clothing Alliance confirmed that during the past three years, the used clothing market was growing at a rate of 21 times faster than any retail trade, and that this market will quickly surpass fashion, and is the largest supplier of clothing in the world, and therefore one of the solutions to reduce the volume of waste from clothing is Buy used clothes instead of new ones .

Fifth: The used goods market in the world, its value is currently about 24 billion US dollars, and it is expected to reach about 64 billion US dollars in 2028.“.

Sixth: Environmental investment in the manufacture of sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, organic wool, linen, or products made from recycled materials, is also one of the solutions.

Seventh: Caring for clothes properly helps to extend their life, such as following the instructions on the climate for washing with equivalent temperature and avoiding using the dryer..

Eighth: You can also invest in maintenance tools for clothes, such as irons, cleaning products, and repairing clothes if they are torn quickly before increasing them. .

Ninth: Know the methods of good storage of clothes and place them in a dry and dark place away from moisture and high temperature, to increase the life of the clothes.

Tenth: You only buy what we need, and when buying, he buys handmade clothes.