The first 3D horror movie that deals with the comedy element

The artist, Mohamed Tharwat, revealed the reasons for his participation in the movie Day 13, starring the artist Ahmed Dawoud, which is currently showing in cinemas, stressing that he is proud of the number 13 because it coincides with the anniversary of his father’s birth.

Muhammad Tharwat said, during his meeting with the program The Insider in Arabic, that the movie “Day 13” is a different and unique experience, and this is what attracted him to participate in this work, adding: I liked the experience, especially since it is new, and the first 3D horror movie, in which the comic element is used and remains.

And Muhammad Tharwat continued: It is the first time that I work on this composition and combination, unlike the work team that consists of a constellation of stars that shine in the sky of art, and the respected director Wael Abdullah, so a work like this must be successful in this way.

Muhammad Tharwat confirmed that he is optimistic about the number 13, because it coincides with the birth anniversary of his late father, commenting: I cherish the number 13 because it coincides with the birthday of my father, may God have mercy on him.

13th day movie

It is noteworthy that Day 13 competed in the Eid Al-Fitr season 2023 in cinemas, topped the box office revenues, and outperformed Harley by Mohamed Ramadan, After Evil, Ibn Al-Haj Ahmed, An Hour of Answer, Ramses Paris, The Adventures of Coco. , and others.

The story of the movie Day 13

The events of the movie “Day 13”, in a frame of horror, revolved around Ezz El-Din, who returns from abroad after an absence of many years, searching for his family, and while staying in his family’s palace, he discovers an unexpected adventure inside the palace.

The heroes of the movie Day 13

The movie Day 13, produced by Oscar Distribution Company, and soundtrack by Hisham Kharma. Many artists also participated in the film with Ahmed Dawoud, including: Dina El-Sherbiny, Mohamed Tharwat, Noha Abdeen, Magdy Kamel, Enas Kamel, Jihan Khalil, Muhammad Al-Kilani, Nihal Anbar, and written and directed by Wael Abdullah.